Perfect gifts for Father's Day

There is less left for San José, the day of the year in which we celebrate Father's Day, highlighting the important role of our parents in our lives and fulfilling our role as children. If this year you want to break the routine of buying a tie or a cup of "the best father in the world" at the last minute, take note because we present the perfect gift for each type of father.

The perfect gift for every type of father

1. For parents who stay up all night

If your father has tried everything to get to sleep and has no choice but to resign himself to watch the hours go by, make the night more bearable by giving him a book with which he loses the notion of time. We offer you a perfect trilogy of books to choose from:

- Dad is fat, by Jim Gaffigan, on the New York Times best-seller list for 17 weeks, is the homage of this acclaimed American comedian to his life, with all the joys and horrors his five children bring him. This hilarious book will get your father to laugh out loud and forget his desperate insomnia.

- Parents who leave a mark, by Alberto Masó and Bárbara Sotomayor. An exciting journey through the leadership role of the father in the family. For good parents who want to guide their children through the best roads.

- Father's heart,, by Osvaldo Poli. Is there a male way of educating children? Of course, and this author defends this style as necessary and indispensable in the upbringing of children. Rediscover the secret beauty of the masculine way of relating to children.

2. For parents who have never missed a game

If you are the kind of parents who always take their children to play football, organize their calendar according to the Champions League matches or who are members of their team since they have use of reason, give them a subscription to the Libero magazine. For only 19 euros per year, your father will enjoy his love of football thanks to writers, journalists and photographers who share his passion.

3. For new parents who do not have a clean shirt

If the gift is for your child, your brother or a friend who has just been a father and does not have a time to iron or put a washing machine, give him a personalized shirt like the ones offered in La Totadora, so he has something fun to wear while carrying everything to the dye. You can use an ingenious phrase or a photo of your child so as not to break with the theme of the day.

4. For parents who love art

If, like mine, your father spends his evenings listening to classical music or consulting the latest art exhibitions, what you need is to buy him a ticket so he can enjoy what he likes most. If your passion is art, you can buy tickets to see the latest exhibitions in your favorite museums or for the opera.

5. For the most gluttons

If your father is the one who has to be beaten by the stomach, nothing will make him happier in his day than having breakfast in bed. If you do not have time to prepare a substantial breakfast, I recommend that you give them one of the baskets that have been so fashionable in the last year. Although there is a wide variety of sizes and content, a very good choice are the boxes of Navascakes, everything is great and the presentation is ideal. Enroll it as soon as possible to make sure you have it at home on the 19th!

6. For good drivers

If driving is your father's passion, you are wise at the wheel and are always looking for ways to save to spend more on car care, Direct Insurance gives you € 50 when you buy your insurance! You will not find a better way to celebrate good drivers this Father's Day. And hurry up, it's only until March 31st.

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