A diet rich in antioxidants promotes fertility

Eating a good amount of vegetables and vegetables is the well-known recommendation for a healthy life, but also according to a review of studies by the Tambre Clinic, which has developed a Diet for Fertility, with recommendations on foods that favor the reproductive capacity, a diet rich in antioxidants, especially those from fruits and vegetables, can promote fertility by improving the ovarian response.

Oxidative stress could be behind many of the problems in getting a pregnancy. This problem occurs when the body has an excess of free radicals and a defect of antioxidants, which "leads to young women may have ovaries that do not work properly and produce an insufficient amount of good quality oocytes to get a pregnancy, "says Dr. Jesús Tresguerres, professor of Physiology and Experimental Endocrinology at the Complutense University of Madrid and head of the Life Quality Unit of the Tambre Clinic.

Causes of female infertility

Infertility affects between 5 and 10 percent of women under the age of 30 and, according to studies, between 15 and 20 percent of infertility cases have no apparent explanation, although experts believe that most of cases are due to oxidative stress.

Dr. Tresguerres believes that "following a therapy that includes a diet rich in antioxidants may be beneficial to stimulate oocyte production and neutralize excess free radicals." The modification of the diet, including more antioxidants derived from fruits and vegetables, should be a priority in people who undergo fertility treatment, as we find that there are many people who have abandoned the consumption of vegetables, "he explains. Professor Tresguerres. "

To this we must add that fertility is inversely proportional to age, "in fact, the ovarian reserve begins to be more limited, generally, from the age of 35", he emphasizes.

The most important substances that act as natural antioxidants are foods derived from vegetables and fruits. "A first approach of the people who undergo a fertility treatment should be the modification of the diet, since we find that there are many people who have abandoned the consumption of vegetables," explains Professor Tresguerres. An Italian research published in November in the journal Antioxidants confirms that the Mediterranean diet with high antioxidant load, thanks to the intake of vegetables and fruits, is useful against the damages of oxidative stress and for healthy aging.

Bases of the diet rich in antioxidants to promote fertility

1. Lycopene The tomato is the vegetable richest in antioxidants to promote fertility. It has a very effective substance called lycopene that is absorbed when ingested together with oil. It has a greater activity against oxidative stress so even fried tomato is recommended.

2. Carotenoids. They are natural colorants present in carrots, citrus fruits, spinach or corn, which are capable of neutralizing some of the most aggressive free radicals.

3. Antioxidants. The fruits that have more antioxidants are the bright colors like strawberries. But, above all of them, the pomegranate stands out. They are also present in other foods such as turmeric or phytoestrogens such as soy extracts.

4. Resveratrol. It is a polyphenol derived from the skin of the grape and present in red wine, and xanthohumol derived from hops and a component of beer.

In Diet for fertility other recommendations are included as:

- the reduction of the intake of animal proteins and saturated fats
- increase the omega 3
- drink a lot of water
- take olive oil
- Do not abuse industrial pastries or prepared dishes
- Cook at mild temperatures.

Thus, "along with the practice of moderate daily exercise, oxidations and inflammation are diminished and sirtuins are stimulated, a group of genes that protect us from aging", points out Professor Tresguerres.

Antioxidants to improve male fertility

The journal Human Reproduction has just published a multicenter study that proves how an antioxidant treatment in mice before conception provides complete protection of sperm DNA against oxidative stress and increases pregnancy rates.

In this same line, Dr. Tresguerres recommends that "men follow a diet rich in antioxidants to ensure a good quality of sperm." And is that male fertility can also be affected by environmental factors and lifestyle, so that oxidative stress can also give sperm.

Doctor Jesus Tresguerres, professor of Physiology and Experimental Endocrinology of the Complutense University of Madrid and head of the Unit of Quality of Life of the Clinic Tambre.

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