IT and ADE, the careers with more employment

Currently, many students in the second year of Bachillerato consider what career to study and seek information about the professional opportunities of each of them. Knowing how to combine good vocation, university and high level of employability is not easy for many young people when they begin to consider what to study and how to make that complex decision for the different variables involved.

Computing and ADE, the most demanded careers

To clear up the question of the high level of employability, the - Universia Labor Community has carried out a study of more than 300,000 job offers published on its web portals to find out which professional profiles have been most requested by the companies the year past.

Among the results of the study of the university careers most in demand in Spain during 2015, engineering companies stand out as leaders in the ranking. Specifically, for the third consecutive year, Computer Engineering occupies the first place. He is followed closely and once again, the Bachelor of Business Administration and Management ADE, while Engineering in Telecommunications takes third place in this ranking of university careers.

The most demanded university careers in 2015

Taking into account that it is a difficult choice and as a guide, these were the most demanded careers of 2015

1 Computer Engineering

2 Bachelor of Business Administration and Management

3 Telecommunications Engineering

4 Industrial Engineering

5 Technical Engineering in Management Computing

6 Engineering in Telecommunications and Computer Engineering

7 Technical Engineering in Computer Systems

8 Bachelor of Economics

9 Architect

10 Industrial Technical Engineering: Mechanical specialty

IT, leader in the Digital Era

In the middle of Digital Era it is difficult to imagine a company without a computer engineering department. For this reason, it seems logical that for the third consecutive year, the IT career not only leads the ranking, but its branches are present in five of the most offered positions. This ranking shows that the profiles of computer technicians and computer engineers are currently the most necessary and competitive when hiring in any company. From Working Community "we can affirm that this position is currently one of the few that can boast of having full employment and a more hopeful future," they say.

Javier Caparrós, general director of Spain, points out that "it is important that, as we have commented on other occasions, the training is adapted to the demand of these specialized profiles in the labor market." It will be more than advisable that all the actors involved take the appropriate measures to match supply and demand ". If not, says Caparrós, "it is possible that there is no demand for that half a million jobs and it is necessary to import trained human capital to meet the needs of organizations."

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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