Great teachers, awards for your initiative

More than 1,500 teachers from all over Spain participate in the "Grandes Profes, Grandes Iniciativas" awards, which are aimed at promoting educational quality through the dissemination and recognition of inspiring, innovative and high-impact initiatives carried out by teachers or educational centers and whose objective is the improvement of the school processes and the educational results of the students.

This initiative aims to stimulate teachers and recognize their work in the classroom and as a novelty, this new edition of the call has focused on teachers and schools and incorporates new categories. 'Great teachers, great initiatives' seeks to reward those educational miracles that teachers have developed in their personal capacity or working as a team with other teachers. This edition carried out by ATRESMEDIA Foundation, In collaboration withSANTILLANA,YFundación Telefónica,also had the support of Microsoft, a company also committed to educational improvement.

Categories of the 'Big Prof': presentation of initiatives

- Great initiatives in values
- Great initiatives that change the classroom
- Great educational success initiatives
- Santillana special prize 'What I read' to the initiative that encourages reading the most
- Samsung Special Award 'To the digital transformation of the classroom'

These awards seek the most successful educational practices through the assessment of several prestigious experts who select the best in each category.

Great teachers, who can participate?

1. Teachers Teachers who carry out initiatives developed to improve the school results of their students and improve the day to day school, in any of the categories.

2. Professional teamsThe initiatives promoted by teams of teachers to promote good educational practices are valued.

3. Educational centers. The representatives of any school (public, private or concerted), institute or vocational training center can present the initiatives that are carried out.

Video: Creating great teachers that create great students: Esther Wojcicki at TEDxSanJoseCA 2012

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