24,000 children will receive the toys of Three Kings thanks to solidarity

This year, 24,000 children will receive the toys of the Magi from the East thanks to the solidarity of the families. And the arrival of the Magi is one of the most anticipated moments for the children and the goal of the Share and Recycle campaign. Hundreds of families have collaborated in the second edition of this campaign that has collected 46 tons of toys, which triples the amount of the first edition of the campaign.

Children from families most in need will receive 67.4 percent of the toys received, that have been destined to the donation. The Remaining 32.6 percent, that have not been considered suitable in the selection process after a rigorous selection, It has been destined for recycling, collaborating with the care of the environment.

Share and Recycle reaches every corner at Christmas

For thousands of children to see their dreams and illusions fulfilled, the Magi prepare their trip. However, on occasion, the Magi of the East are unable to reach every home. For this reason, and so that the illusion of a toy at Christmas, Share and Recycle, thanks to the collaboration of thousands of families, will bring toys to those who need them most.

Hundreds of solidarity families have donated those toys that had "been left small" and have tripled the results of 2014. The collection points of El Corte Inglés, Toys R Us, Juguettos and Toys Maniati, have been the starting point of These toys, which after being collected by the Ecotic Foundation and the Seur Foundation, were heading to the reprocessing center. The Atresmedia group, through Neox Kidz and Onda Cero, has been in charge of spreading the campaign through TV spots and radio spots.

Thanks to the collaboration of all these companies and the NGOs that have requested help, this Christmas hundreds of children will receive toys, the greatest treasure of childhood.

Toys for children inside and outside of Spain

As indicated by the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers AEFJ, 20 NGOs have contacted the Share and Recycle campaign to distribute toys to children who need it most. In total, 10,243 toys will continue playing in Spain with other children.

One example is the Remar Foundation, which in addition to delivering toys to the Spanish families most in need, has sent part of the toys received to their projects in Belgium. Messengers of Peace, has also been another of the NGOs that have received these toys, and more than 6,400 have already been sent to Benin to meet the needs of the children they serve through different projects.

It also highlights the collaboration with Plan International, thanks to which part of the collected toys have been donated to other countries such as Nicaragua, where a container with 7,228 toys has already emerged that will draw a smile on each child. As stated by Concha Lopez, the director of Plan International "initiatives of this kind are very important because thanks to them we can make other children happy and allow them to enjoy Christmas, even though their situation is not the same. Game is fundamental for childhood, so it is our obligation to guarantee it to all children. "

A model of circular economy around the toy

Getting toys to children who need it most is the main objective of Share and Recycle, but its actions cover other fields, such as waste minimization, to extend the life of toys and facilitate recycling and awareness among children of values ​​such as solidarity, the importance of sharing and caring for the environment.

In addition, in this edition, Share and Recycle has had the invaluable work of the members of the special ILADE employment center of the Association Awakening, who have been responsible for the development of toys. In this way, Comparte y Recicla highlights the importance of the labor integration of people with disabilities.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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