Learn about the benefits and properties of oranges and tangerines

Today we can find almost any product at any time of the year, but experts recommend always focusing on those in season, especially in regard to fruits and vegetables. In this sense, if there is a fruit that stands out in the winter, that is the orange (and their 'daughter', the tangerine), do you know all their benefits?

The Orange is an ideal food for winter, and more if you live in Spain, a country that stands out for being the first citrus producer in Europe and the world's leading exporter for fresh consumption. The fruits produced in Spain are highly valued by its quality, its aroma, its flavor, juiciness, texture, color and size, Take advantage of them!

The orange, in winter

The orange season it covers November, December, January, February, March and April. On the other hand, tangerines appear in October and last until the end of April. Winter is, therefore, a great time to include this rich fruit in your daily diet, with two oranges or four tangerines a day. In harvest season, these fruits are at their best moment of consumption, since they have all their flavor and the best value for money.

Include oranges and tangerines in your diet

It is about some fruits that, as the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment reminds, you can drink at any time, alone, in combination, whole or in juice. If you include oranges and tangerines in your diet, You will get much of the vitamin C that your body needs every 24 hours and half the fiber your body requires daily.

The properties of oranges or tangerines and their juices

.- Vitamin C or ascorbic acid, important for its antioxidant effect, which strengthens the immune system and protects us from colds.

.- Fiber, that contributes to improve our digestive processes and has a satiating effect.

.- They favor the absorption of iron, which helps us to prevent anemia.

.- Minerals like potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.

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