Nine normal reasons why babies cry

Babies are born crying. Something that is, in fact, a good symptom: it is alive. When they take their little one home, it is very common for parents to observe with concern that they are crying ... and that perhaps they are doing too much. Will something happen to you? The worry is normal, but do not lose perspective: most of the time babies cry for very normal reasons.

As they relate in the American magazine 'Parents', many times try to find out why your baby does not stop crying It can make you almost lose your nerves and cry. To help you in this search, they have created a small list of normal (and very common) reasons why babies end up crying.

Why my baby cries:

1.- Hunger. The most common reason babies cry is the simplest: they are hungry. In short, his cry is almost synonymous with a "mom, I want milk." So you know, to give him the bottle or chest.

2.- The diaper. The next reason has to do with the diaper: on many occasions babies cry because they are uncomfortable with the diaper, either because they need a change, or because it is too tight and bothers them.

3.- "I get bored". Yes, babies are also bored and do not like to be ignored. In these cases, with singing a song, picking him up or giving him a new toy, they will probably calm down.

4.- "For". At other times, babies become overwhelmed after being "overstimulated" and in need of serenity. Take him to a quiet place and cuddle him so he feels safe.

5.- Belly pain. One of the first things that moms learn is to make their babies release the gases after eating. Failing to do so, babies suffer from belly pain that can make them cry. In these cases, try a little massage on your belly or leave it (with supervision, of course) on a smooth surface upside down.

6.- Dream When you are sleepy do you not find yourself irascible? That is exactly what happens to babies: if they are sleepy and they are not allowed to sleep, they will cry.

7.- Heat / cold. The temperature at which we have our baby is also important so that the little one is comfortable. If you see that it is crying and it is very hot or cold or is sweating, remove it or put on layers as needed.

8.- "It stings me". That the baby is uncomfortable is one of the main reasons that makes you cry. A label, a tissue that pokes you in the skin, something that squeezes * take away those irritating things and return to calm.

9.- Teeth. Last, but not least, teeth. Your birth will make you cry because it will bother you, so, calm down: offer a teether and massage the gums with your clean finger.

Angela R. Bonachera

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