Family and health, first in the letter to the Magi

Health, money and love have always been the three main desires for most people. However, due to the circumstances, the priorities have been changing and although health remains first, other priorities like family and work have been opening up among the main preferences of the Spaniards in their letter to the Magi.

Family and health among the main priorities

So, according to the international report The lifestyle of the Spanish, of the consultant Nielsen, that was realized with the participation of more than 30,000 consumers online, the health is the main aspiration vital for a 44 percent of the Spaniards. And is that having a good health, beyond the saying, is the main concern also for our European neighbors, except for the Portuguese, who place ahead spending time with their families.

Without becoming like the Portuguese, whohalf puts the family before everything else when it comes to glimpsing their ideal future, 36 percent of Spaniards attach great importance to spend time with your family. In fact, and according to this same Nielsen report, being with the family is the main leisure activity for Spaniards with 29 percent, compared to other alternatives such as reading for 28 percent of respondents or watching television for another 26 percent.

The work scales in the letter to the Magi

In this vital list of Spaniards, have a successful career or a good working future is the main wish for the39 percent of Spanish respondents. This marker completely differentiates us from the rest of Europe, since it is an aspiration that only 21 percent of Europeans have. If we compare ourselves with other countries around us, the desire to have a good professional future barely occupies the minds of 13 percent Germans or 17 percent of Britons.

On the contrary, Spaniards do not link to fill their labor aspirations with make lots of money, something that is explained in part by the still high unemployment rate of our country. In fact, we are the Europeans who least want to get rich throughout their lives, only 19 percent, when the average in Europe is 25 percent, although in Eastern European countries, such as Hungary or Russia, This desire is more pronounced, above 30 percent.

According to the general director of Nielsen Iberia, Gustavo Núñez, "the hierarchy of health, work and family is immovable for the Spanish, who have their feet on the ground at all times, as they have shown during the crisis, when they have not had any inconvenience in going out less or in taking maximum care of electricity, gas or telephone consumption to maximize the family budget. Think as anecdotal data that only 2 percent would want to become a famous person, so money is not everything. Spaniards want to see the future with optimism, but also with responsibility, although we always allow ourselves some license, such as traveling. "

Precisely leisure, also occupies a prominent place for the Spanish. Among his main wishes travel plays a prominent role for 33 percent of respondents. Thus, in addition to reading and technology as hobbies, the desire to travel around the country or around the world is a primordial aspiration for Spaniards. Only the Greeks, the Portuguese, the Norwegians, the Dutch and the Russians surpass us in eagerness to know other countries and cultures.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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