Ecological and healthy food: know its benefits

Do you know the benefits of organic foods? These products differ from the rest that you can find in supermarkets because of their nature and intrinsic characteristics, their benefits and added values and its advantages, which we are going to tell you next.

The main characteristics of the organic products is that they are foods that come from organic agriculture or livestock that have been produced without the use of synthetic chemicals (pesticides, fertilizers or medicines). Also, these foods are obtained respecting the growth rate of plants and animals and are made without additives such as dyes, flavors or aromas.

To learn more about the characteristics and benefits of these organic and healthy foods, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment summarizes, on the website 'alimentació, learn more to eat better', everything you need to know about them both beforehand and after its growth. We reproduce below the six keys of these foods:

That's how organic foods are

1. Before birth: They select species and varieties that have been produced in an ecological way, and that are appropriate to the terrain and climate where they are going to be cultivated. It is not the same to plant a lettuce next to the sea that in the mountain. Genetically modified species (GMOs, Genetically Modified Organisms) are not selected.

2. While they grow. The plants are grown with products that are not harmful to the environment and that do not alter the nutritional properties of the food. The animals feed on plants or organic feed.

Synthetic chemicals are not used. Fertilizers and products are used to protect plants expressly authorized for organic farming.

Caution is exercised with the water and energy used to save and recycle: they are also sustainable crops and livestock with resources.

3. During the harvest. It is done respecting the ability of the species to regenerate and reproduce. The same applies to the soil: techniques are used that do not deplete the fertility and regeneration capacity of the land. Thus, many generations will be able to take advantage of the same soils.

4. In the store. You will find them more and more easily: organic products can be found in specialized stores, greengrocers, fishmongers and neighborhood butchers, supermarkets, department stores and on the Internet.

Organic and healthy foods are recognized by the identifying logos: organic farming in the EU and ecological product in Spain.

5. In your body. Organic foods are very nutritious, and provide vitamins, minerals and necessary elements for your body. Your body will feel good and you will take care of nature.

6. At the table. Organic and healthy foods are high quality products, they have great flavor, color, texture ... They are very rich! There is a great variety of foods, flavors and products to try, you will not get bored! Foods such as vegetables, fruits, fish and meats. There are also elaborated products such as custards, juices, jams, organic biscuits, etc.

Angela R. Bonachera

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