Dry eye, a syndrome that can be avoided

Hours and hours in front of the computer or exposed to domestic dust, tobacco smoke, certain cleaning products or pollution are some of the risk factors that cause the so-called Dry Eye Syndrome (SOS), which causes many discomfort.

The Dry Eye Syndrome is an alteration that occurs on the surface of the cornea and the conjunctiva due to lack of tears. As a consequence, the eye is not well lubricated, giving rise to possible eye discomfort, visual problems and possible injuries.

What are the causes of dry eye?

1. The decrease in secretion due to age is the most common cause. With aging, the cells that generate the tears are atrophied steadily.

2. Certain hormonal changes in women, like pregnancy.

3. External agents such as pollution, air conditioning, heating, etc.

4. The prolonged reading, in which the number of times it blinks is normally reduced.

5. Constant use of contact lenses.

6. Certain systemic diseases, like rheumatoid arthritis.

How to prevent eye dryness and Dry Eye syndrome

The most effective measures to prevent Dry Eye Syndrome are:

- Avoid dryness (be a long time with air conditioning, heating, etc.) and use humidifiers that adapt the environment.

- Blink frequently.

- Clean the lacrimal glands with a wipe or dry gauze.

- Protect from external elements, such as sand or pollen, avoiding atmospheres such as the beach and the countryside, especially on windy days.

- Avoid household dust, tobacco smoke and other aggressive products, such as solvents or certain household cleaners.

Treatment for dry eyes and discomfort

If you suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome, it is advisable to follow a series of ocual care such as the use of artificial tears or lubricating ointments. To know which product is best in each case, it is advisable to go frequently to an expert who can do an in-depth eye examination. In no case is self-prescription medical advisable and should only consume those products recommended by a specialist.

Ivana Álvarez
Advice: Multiópticas

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