The spirit of Christmas arrives at the Ford car factory

"All the older people were at first children although few of them remember it". That's what El Príncipito de Saint Exupery tells us. Those who do not forget this premise is the workers of the Ford car factory in Valencia, who for a whole day not only made cars for adults but also for the little ones.

The safety of toys is one of the most talked about topics at Christmas and one of the values ​​that along with the illusion are exalted from this initiative of riding toy cars for a day.

Ford miniature cars

The best thing is that those miniature cars that have been built will not go on sale. All of them will go to different children's NGOs this Christmas. The advertising agency Ogilvy has been responsible for spreading this fantastic idea through a short video that can be accessed already on the website Go Further Stories. It is entitled "Merry Litte Cars" and reveals what happens when Ford is infected by the magic and spirit of Christmas. A magic and a spirit that we can transmit to our children taking advantage of this festive period. Christmas is full of good values ​​that we can inculcate through stories, fables and carols and, now more than ever, in an eminently audiovisual society, also through videos.

Go Further Stories is, in addition, a portal that calls for the participation of the current and potential customer of the Ford firm. We can all send stories related to the automotive industry in the form of a video so that those responsible for this page upload them and share them through the profiles of the brand on social networks. Among the stories that have already been sent, highlights three surfers with different disabilities, who have managed to break all barriers and show that surfing is a sport that knows no limits. Something that also reminds us that exercising is important and that we can not neglect it at Christmas. Everything is teachings! Anything can be learned.

Ford congratulates Christmas with a video

With the video, which has been made from the manufacture of toy cars in Valencia, we wanted to congratulate Christmas to all the countries in which Ford Europe operates. Have you already sent the message of rigor to your contacts? If not, you can do it with this video. What Ford wants to convey is that there is a positive attitude of life, that family fun is possible, that cars are part of our day to day life and that being supportive, for sending toys to NGOs, is always a very positive experience.

If you are out or going out on a trip and you think you will not have the chance to watch the video (which, by the way, is especially emotional), do not worry. The audiovisual is going to be one of the spots that come out before and after the chimes on New Year's Eve and those are sure you will not miss them. So you know, family: there are three things you can do:

Participate with your own family history

Wait for the New Year's grapes to see it on TV (although if you can see it, we invite you to do so, surely you want to share it on Facebook as we will do.) It's a great way to wish Merry Christmas to our friends and family).

With this video, you can explain to your children that:

- You can work with enthusiasm
- Responsibilities do not have to bore us
- We must take care of what we do and strive in our daily tasks
- With love everything works better
- Sharing is beautiful and important
- You can be happy by making the other happy
- We have to be supportive

Elisa García

Video: Merry Little Cars (English version)

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