Christmas Carols: Prize for The Secrets and the Choir Tajamar

Thanks to the arrangement that the children of the choir Tajamar have made of a theme of the musical group Los Secretos, this Christmas we can teach our children the magic of the voice of Álvaro Urquijo. The choir Tajamar has taken thefirst prize in the annual contest of school carols organized by the newspaper La Razón.

Who was going to tell us that a carol from a song from The Secrets could be made? How many times have we sung a cappella or music his famous "Déjame" and now suddenly his music transcends the generational limits once again!

First prize of school carols

The children chose the song "Ponte en la fila", they versioned it and they changed the lyrics to make, as the tradition of this choir says, a pop style carol, closer to the musical tastes of our children. The result is collected under the title "It's from María" and the video of the carol has added a lot of visits on the YouTube channel of the Tajamar choir.

"The boys - as the vocalist Álvaro Urquijo tells Thisfamilywelove -" sent a homemade video to the group's office where they sang the song turned into a carol. "Urquijo describes the children as" nice "and urges smiling The singer believes that Christmas is a time that should be dedicated "99 percent to children." They are the captains of an illusion that for the brother of the late Enrique is always "sincere and innocent."

The video of a Christmas carol winner

When they watched the video, the members of Los Secretos did not hesitate to visit Colegio Tajamar, where children study, compose and rehearse their songs. With the guitar on their back they arrived at the center, where after a warm welcome they had the opportunity to sing with the children. After the presentation of the official videoclip of the carol took place.

Urquijo says that the experience "had a lot of fun" and that he will always remember it as "an affectionate anecdote". The singer speaks of "pride" and "honor". He is happy because the children have chosen one of the songs from The Secrets and points out that the only thing the group has had to do has been "letting themselves be loved". Remember that the initiative started with the children and that this is something that "you have to value". He says that everything has been very beautiful and highlights the purity of his personality. "I like that purity that they have and that we lose as adults", says Álvaro Urquijo. It is not the first time that they participate in a school initiative of this type, but they have never done it at Christmas. Urquijo recalls that a few years ago they participated in the end-of-school festival of a school and that they sang a song with the children but it highlights the magic that Christmas has transmitted to them on this occasion.

The prize that the Tajamar School has collected corresponds to the third edition of the contest of school carols of La Razón but it is necessary to remember that they already obtained the prize of the first edition of this contest in 2013 and the one of the second edition of the contest of carols of Chain 100 in 2009 with the adaptation of the song of Michael Jackson, Health the world.

In the contest of Christmas carols of La Razón, whose final was held on December 19 at twelve in the National Auditorium of Madrid, can participate all students who are studying their studies of Primary Education in schools of the Community of Madrid . All the Christmas carols presented are performed by a minimum of 10 children and a maximum of 25. Different instruments are used with the exception of the piano and a four-minute video is recorded to participate.

If there is a choir in the school of your children and those responsible have not heard of this contest, ask the teachers and the directors to consider the possibility of doing so in the future. Singing is always fun and much more if it's Christmas! The Christmas carols reveal the history of these festivities and we are full of enthusiasm for celebrating them.

Elisa García

Video: Special Christmas Carol Service From Bethlehem - FULL VERSION

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