Christmas with your newborn baby

If you have just been parents and you are going to spend yours First Christmas with the baby, you do not have to worry. That things go well and that you enjoy is not as difficult as a priori may seem. You just have to take into account some considerations to overcome Christmas with your newborn baby.

The little one is your first Christmas gift and that is how you have to approach his birth. The illusion is the star component of a Christmas with the newborn.

10 tips for the first Christmas with your newborn baby

A take note of these ten tips or recommendations so you can enjoy this Christmas as much or more than the previous ones. It is inevitable that you go to take them in a different way but we become stubborn with the idea that you will not be able to leave, you can do it although to a lesser extent and deep down you will thank them! Take advantage of this first Christmas as mother and father to relax, "release baby" and dedicate all the time that when you return to work you can not give.

- Rest: do not worry about having to be absent. The little ones in which the baby sleeps you can divide them. The idea is that you take advantage of them both to spend time with yours and to rest. The times in couple are also important. The days that are not specially marked and that you do not have any event to attend, stay at home and enjoy each other when you have laid down.

- Let yourself be invited: Maybe you are the typical couple who loves to organize things at home. This time you will have to resist the temptation and savor the opportunity to let them invite you. Every minute counts and you do not have enough hours available to organize dinners and meals right now.

- Take care of your schedules: The first days of life of the newborn are very important in the issue of adoption of schedules. They are the time that is usually dedicated to assume routines and meal times whether you are breastfeeding or not, and rest. This is something that can not be forgotten during Christmas. As far as possible, try to respect their customs because breaking them can mislead you.

- Do not eat or drink too much: Although it is complicated, we must try to avoid excesses. What we get with these is to be much more tired and perform less, so we can not be one hundred percent to care for the little one or to enjoy ours.

- Ask your relatives for help: Especially if you are new parents, you should ask for help. Do not have any qualms when it comes to doing it because surely many of your relatives and friends have gone through your situation. They will know then how important it is to have a helping hand. Especially if it's Christmas, because everything seems to be complicated.

- Reserve a quiet room: As much as if you stay at home as if you were eating or dining at a relative's house, make sure that a quiet and secluded room is arranged for him. So you can rest and sleep when you touch it and you can enjoy a relaxed after-dinner. If you have a device that alerts you when you wake up, take it with you wherever you go.

- Id always well equipped: try to make your bag or travel bag with extra attention. Diapers, wipes, bottles (always take extra doses in case you have to prepare some unexpected), change clothes (if there are accidents), warm clothes, pacifiers and any toy that can be entertained.

- Beware of smoke: When Christmas arrives, we usually move around in environments and meetings in which we breathe a lot of tobacco smoke. This, when we just had a baby can be very harmful. Your lungs are still forming and it is not convenient that you are in contact with the smoke. Please ask them to smoke away from the baby, they will understand you.

- Dress it in layers: what onion. Much more comfortable for you and also safer for him. Realize that you will be constantly going in and out of different places and only if you can take off your clothes when necessary will you be able to maintain your body temperature in the levels recommended. This is very important when you are newborn because it can be easily cooled and a cold can get very complicated. It is also not advisable to keep the baby warm, it may be very hot because if you sweat and go out into the cold, the risk multiplies.

- Take care of excess stimuli: that he listens to music and voices is very positive because his social sense increases but watch out for the excesses, which you know are never good. If you get too excited at the end you will not sleep and when the night comes those who are not going to rest are going to be you.


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