Kinship relations: what a mess for the children!

Your children know perfectly who their parents are, their siblings, their grandparents, their cousins ​​and their uncles. But do not want to ask them more if they are still in Primary Education. A priori it will be difficult to understand kinship relations, at least until they are taught in school.

Kinship relationships are usually the fundamental subject of one of the first subjects of the first cycle of Primary Education in Spain. To make him understand that you also have uncles and cousins ​​you will need time and patience but far from taking this task as something complicated, you can perceive it as a fun pastime and transmit it to him in this way.

When we pick up the children from school it is a good idea to chat with them in the car or the bus on the way home or to the extracurricular classes. Posing riddles and riddles can enhance your reasoning skills and logical thinking skills. Music is also an interesting educational resource. Now, for example, Cantajuegos has just released a new CD with songs about caring for our planet.

Help to explain kinship relationships in the family

Returning to the topic of kinship relations, the truth is that, if we only explain them, they can be lost. That's why we have dived for you on the Internet and we have found some websites that can be very helpful:

- Interactive learning On there are many fun learning options. Here you can find a very entertaining interactive game. Sit down after doing the homework one afternoon to advance a little in this matter. If as parents you make teaching a leisure time as a family, you will have gone half way in the education of your children.

- Word searches, sudoku and crossword puzzles they often seem to be designed for an adult audience. In favor of videogames and new technologies, children have lost the habit of resorting to traditional games and pastimes during their idle moments. To make them recover this practice we are always on time. This crossword puzzle of the Simpsons will be of great help to us. You will see what fun.

- Questions and answers. If what you like are the quizzes, you are in luck. You can compete as a family by clicking here. Choose a moment to be all together. How about Sunday after lunch? Who will respond faster? Cheer up and good luck!

- Records. For those of the artistic vein, for the quieter children, we have found the Portal Paseando Primaria and we have found a lot of cards to complete and color. You can print them and do them at home. It is also a good idea to give them to the children after having made the previous games with them. This way we can check how much they have learned.

- Riddles If your children are sharp, alert and insightful, they will love the riddles. Kinship relationships are not usually a mathematical problem, but if your kids are crazy about numbers, you'll love this option!

Which of the proposed options do you like the most? Have you already clicked on any of them? If so, tell us on social networks with @Thisfamilywelove and tell us your experience. With the mess that the kids put together, surely there is some funny anecdote that you can share with us.

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