Your first Christmas as a mother

The Your baby's first Christmas It is a very special event for both you and the rest of your family. A new member has just arrived home, your baby, and your home becomes the center of attention of all eyes, of all calls, of all appointments, of all photographs ... and you wonder, how I'm going to survive all this?

The patience and common sense to escape from the burdens will be the keys to enjoy your first Christmas as a mother and turn it into a unique experience.

The magic of the first Christmas as a mother

With the arrival of each child, each Christmas is lived in a different way, but, without a doubt, the first Christmas as a mother and as parents it is the most special. The illusion of Christmas is experienced with special intensity thanks to the presence of your first baby, and feelings of nervousness arise when trying to square schedules and find time so that we do not miss any detail when decorating the house and organize the Christmas holidays.

5 tips to live Christmas as a new mother

Some tips to live the first Christmas as a mother and enjoy these holidays with your first baby:

1. Celebrations, better at home. If possible, and you are a new mother, it is better for the baby to be in his surroundings, especially if it is dinner. Nothing like your room and your crib to fall asleep when you need it. But, sometimes, it is not possible and you have to go to the family's home, so it is best to leave a quiet room where your baby can rest. This tranquility is necessary for him, since everyone will want to take him and pass from hand to hand without knowing why. These situations usually alter the babies a little and, therefore, it is recommended that you do not forget your stuffed toy or toy to reassure and make you feel safe.

2. Arm yourself with patience.Getting out of your daily routine is especially hard for babies and when they are upset they do not stop crying. Therefore, if you see that she cries more easily, she has lost her routine and sleep schedules, and feeding her becomes difficult, very patient. It is normal for babies to be more irascible. As much as possible, try to keep the schedules and ensure that the nap is missing mid-morning and mid-afternoon so that your baby is in a better mood.

3. Prevent your baby from freaking out with the Christmas characters. Although the children love the presence of Santa Claus and the Magi and take photos with them, keep in mind that your baby is the first time you see them and their clothing, because it is considered strange, can scare you. So it's wise to go slowly, not get too close at the beginning, observe their reaction and let them observe how other children act with them.

4. Stimulate your senses with Christmas decorations. Bright, bright colors and twinkling lights fascinate babies. Take advantage of the decoration of the Christmas tree to stimulate your baby's senses. And do not forget the Christmas carols, the catchy Christmas music, it will be a great stimulant.

5. If you crawl, avoid the danger. Check those places of "danger", especially if your baby crawls and can take things to his mouth. Babies are great explorers and many accidents have taken place precisely at Christmas celebrations. When there are so many people in the houses, it is easy for things to fall and we do not realize it. Watch your baby's footsteps and elevate objects that you consider a danger so he can not reach them.

Merry Christmas!

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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