The good intentions of dad and mom for the New Year

When Christmas arrives and the year ends, we make many new purposes for the New Year that is about to begin. The list can be extended to infinity, but among the good intentions we have rescued the priorities, the most important. Quitting smoking or going to the gym are things that depend only on our strength of will, but they are far from being the objectives that in the long run are more complicated.

Christmas is a time of reflection and evaluation. Our hearts soften when we look back and see how quickly our children have grown up. Why do not we propose then to spend more time with them?

This year we have prepared a list of Christmas purposes that may make you appreciate a little more these things and realize that life is one and the work ends up taking it out. Therefore, we have to take care of our health and learn to invest time in our loved ones, in our family during the new year.

5 good family purposes for the New Year

1. Mens sana in corpore sano: Do you know where this expression comes from? It was written for the first time by the Roman poet Tenth Juvenal, but not with the sense that we now attribute to it. What this intellectual really meant was something like "balanced spirit in a balanced body". Well precisely this premise has to become the cornerstone of your purposes this year.

Try to have a clear conscience at all times, you will feel much freer and comfortable with yourself. It is enough that you make an effort to do every day an internal reflection exercise to correct the mistakes that you have made and not fall back into them.

2. Exercise values: Of course, the release of toxins and the generation of endorphins (which are the hormones of happiness) that we achieve through physical exercise are two important keys to be at ease with ourselves. But, we will be in a better mood if we exercise values, examining if only a few minutes a day, our own performance. This way we will be able to behave better with the people around us. Remember that education in values ​​is fundamental for children and they need you to take a few minutes each day, but you can get it. Find your moment

3. Spend more time with our children: the kids need our attention and our love and we do not always give them everything we would like. This 2016 we have to try not to extend the working time and return home as soon as we are allowed. They should do their homework by themselves, but it is good that we return before they have bathed to ask them how their day has gone. It can be rewarding to share with them the time of bath and dinner afterwards. During the dinner, we will try to turn off the television and the smartphone. Conversations are the most important nutrient of any family.

4. Lead by example: their learning and development depend to a large extent on the example we give them, so we must set aside that "when you are a father you will eat eggs" and opt for that other saying: "What is the father, so the children leave " If we spend a little time on Sunday reading, maybe leave the phone parked for a while. Did you think about it? They do what they see.

5. Tailored concerns: We can not underestimate their worries or fears. We have to listen to our children with attention and try not to laugh at their problems. They may seem like trifles, but for them they have an important dimension. We have to sit by his side and try to understand them. Of course, we can not contribute to the task of making a mountain of a grain of sand. We must teach them to value why things are worth crying and why not worry too much.

These are some of the tips we give you to start your list of good purposes. Do not forget that to spend time with our loved ones do not need great things. Of the good plans, the best ones are those that leave without thinking. Your pocket will suffer rather little with a homemade snack and a board game. There are thousands of things we can do together as a family! You just have to throw imagination into the matter. Make pineapple and have a great time!

Elisa García

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