10 books to give at Christmas to children for ages

If there is a classic that never fails when it comes to making gifts to children at Christmas are the books. They encourage the habit of reading, so essential in these days to achieve a balance with the use of technology, help educate the little ones, offer the possibility of making a personalized gift to be according to the age and tastes of children , they invite us to encourage creativity and imagination, and we can always boast, when we give children books for Christmas, that we are feeding the tradition and the magic of the Christmas holidays.

And there are few things that are as nice as reading a book, wrapped in a blanket, on the sofa next to the Christmas tree. Test it!

10 books to give at Christmas to children for ages

Books for children from 0 to 3 years old

1.   I'm going to comedte, by Jean Marc Derouen

It may seem like the typical story of the bad wolf that is chastened by the innocent animals. However, it is a very risky album both from the narrative and graphic point of view. With a very attractive color palette, typography that plays with sizes, it evokes comic and cartoon. A book that dares to make the wolf "speak" badly throughout history, from the same title and is very profitable for the theatrical game at school. The children will have a lot of fun with the bad diction of the wolf and surely the phrase "I will comedte" will become the talk.

2.   Christmas of Lulu, by Camilla Reid

Lulu loves to celebrate Christmas, but do you know what she likes most about Christmas? A Christmas book by Lulu.

Books for children from 3 to 6 years old

3.   Frozen, first readers, from Disney

Illustrated story to learn to read. Frozen, the film: Anna embarks on an epic journey in search of her sister, whose powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in a perpetual winter. The help of Kristoff, his faithful reindeer Sven and an enchanted snowman named Olaf, Anna will have to fight against the elements to save his kingdom. A beautiful story about two sisters and the power of friendship and love.

4.   Stories to prepare Christmas, by Beàtrice Garel

This Christmas gift book has a story for each day of Advent and a fir to decorate. Each story includes a small gift to decorate the fir tree. Thus, each day of Advent can be placed a new ornament on the fir.

Books for children from 6 to 9 years old

5.   A very live Bethlehem, by Julio César Romero

Inside the Bethlehem, many stories are hidden, and children can be true characters and protagonists.

Do you know what happens when you put the Bethlehem at home? At night, the figurines come to life, stroll along the sandy paths, tell stories, laugh and dance. Of course, not everything is joy. There is Herod, the Roman soldiers, new inhabitants and some unfortunate accident. If you want to know everything that happens, with these little stories you will discover the secrets of your Bethlehem.

6.   It's Christmas, Stilton!, by Gerónimo Stilton

Who is Geronimo Stilton? A distracted guy, with his head in the clouds ... He runs a newspaper, but his real passion is writing. The stories are comical, as tender as a cheese ball, as tasty as a gorgonzola and as entertaining as telling the holes to a slice of gruyer ... In short, morrocotudas stories.

Books for children from 9 to 12 years old

7.   The Bethlehem that God put, by Enrique Monasterio

A book full of creativity and imagination in which palpita poetic intuition very accurate to speak of the Birth of the Child God.

It is a book for Christmas and for any day of the year: already in the beginning the reader realizes that this Bethlehem is the wonderful work of art with which God wanted to crown the world since long before Creation. The reading becomes, then, a divine spectacle, where God uses everything he has done: from a star that fulfills its majestic role, to a donkey who also has to fulfill his, as essential as that one. And since it is a universal spectacle, we all have a very precise role in it ... And this is when the reading begins to make us uneasy until we reach the end and attend, freely, to that humble and joyful feast.

8.   11th birthday, by Wendy Mass

On their first birthday, they learned to walk. When they turned five years old, they planted some seeds in pots that they modeled together. On their tenth birthday, they learned that there are things that should never be said.

Amanda is going to be eleven years old and should be happy. Instead, she has to put on a horrible dress that her mother chose for a boring costume party. Meanwhile, on the other side of the city, Leo, his old best friend, is celebrating his birthday with a big party, for which he has hired a hypnotist, a soccer player, a giant lizard and a rock band. IT'S NOT FAIR!

Books for children from 12 to 15 years old

9.   Star Wars Complete Saga, from several authors

The adaptations in cómic of all the cinematographic saga in a single volume. From the predestined encounter between Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan with Darth Maul until the victory of Luke Skywalker against the Sith and the redemption of Darth Vader, all included. An essential volume, without a doubt, to prepare the way to the new episode of the saga. It includes the comics from Episode I to Episode VI, just before the plot of the new Episode VII, which premieres on December 18, 2015.

10.   Christmas tales, by Charles Dickens

This volume brings together the published stories of Charles Dickens published between Christmas 1843 and 1848: "Christmas Song", "The bells", "The cricket of home", "The battle of life" and "The bewitched" , all of them illustrated by the original illustrators and probably the most brilliant of their time (Edwin Landseer, John Leech, Richard Doyle or John Tenniel among others). The illustrations have been restored and colored for this luxury edition ideal for lovers of Dickens literature and certainly an ideal gift for Christmas.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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