Marriage, indicator of happiness and health

"There are three things in life ... health, money and love, whoever has those three things that gives thanks to God." That's what a famous song said ... and it had a lot of reason, especially in the area of ​​love. According to several studies, Marriage remains an important indicator of health and happiness since it helps people to develop their potential.

A work done at Brigham Young University (United States) by the family theme researcher Rick Miller ensures that marriage remains "a safe path to happiness and good health," as explained in the newspaper 'Deseret News' .

Fear of marriage

Today, fears of commitment and marriage are common. In fact, in the United States some surveys assure that only 30 percent of young people believe that marriage "is a good idea"However, science seems to demonstrate the opposite, as highlighted by the researcher in a recent talk in Utah (United States).

The family history research mentioned by this academic ensures that marriage is good for health. In particular, married men live healthier lifestyles: they eat better and visit the doctor more regularly, something that, according to Miller, occurs because of "the insistence of his wife".

Beyond the physical benefits, this expert assures that Married people are less likely to experience depression or anxiety. Moreover, they often live longer and make better life decisions than their unmarried partners.

Postpone marriage

The current trend in marriage for young people is to postpone this union as much as possible, usually until greater financial stability. However, several researches mentioned by Professor Miller assure that, over time, "married people really do better economically. "

About the children, this researcher says that those children who have lived in homes with married parents have less likely to suffer some type of abuse. Therefore, it ensures that the unions of the parents are also an insurance for the children.

Conflicts in marriage

One thing must always be clear: a healthy marriage does not have to be a perfect marriage. Conflicts between partners occur in most relationships, with the difference that successful marriages are those in which discussions are held in order to reach an agreement, "a pact".

There are several "tricks" to achieve a prosperous marriage: first, already in the courtship, this expert advises not to have "unattainable" expectations. According to the professor, the maxim in these links is to bear in mind that marriages "are more likely to succeed when spouses have similar goals" in life (beliefs, way of life, etc.).

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