Custom toys for children: requirements

Every child is a world and we can not treat everyone equally. Each of our children deserves a different attention and for that reason, the issues that we have to consider when we are going to give them a toy for Christmas are also different. We can not believe that we are facing the perfect toy just because it is a safe, educational and fun toy. It is convenient to opt for the custom toys. Stop to think about how your child is and choose slowly that they grow up fast!

What is a personalized toy?

We call custom toys to those who take into account the evolutionary moment of the child. Not all of our children grow at the same pace and we are not talking about physical growth but psychological growth. Some begin to be interested in new technologies and videogames at a younger age than usual. Others, however, lengthen their years of social play. Later we will stop at this.

When we go to a toy store, we can not, as parents, limit ourselves to consult the labeling of toys for information. It is clear that safety conditions, if it contains small parts, the recommended age and whether its use is advised or not under the supervision or supervision of an adult are issues that must be taken into account. But we have to think, for example, that when the little one unties his new teddy bear, it will be called Pipo because he wants to be called that. The next thing will be to take care of him. That is why there is no thinking about buying toys for an age, but toys for Blanca, for Enrique or for Sofía. This is the impact of the specialist psychologist in Educational Clinic, Patricia Ruiz, who says that "we must pay special attention to the concerns that may have the child at any time."

Custom toy requirements

As parents we run the risk of letting ourselves go and without wanting to choose a toy that does not go according to the tastes of the little ones but with ours! Therefore, when it comes to stepping on a toy store we have to be clear:

- What is the child's temperament?. If he is energetic, shy, impulsive, quiet or talkative.

- What behavior usually adopted when playing with others. If you have a great sense of rivalry, if you are supportive and if you have good loss, for example.

- What are your main strengths to praise them through the game.

- What features predominate in his character.

- How can we awaken their curiosity?

- If it is creative or if it is not and, in the latter case, how can we make it a bit more?

We must also look for a toy that can be shared. It has to be a game that the child can use autonomously but not necessarily alone. Thus, when your friends come home we will not have to sit down with them to explain how to play, but they will be able to understand the instructions of the game and get going without needing to tell them anything. Maybe you're thinking about the classic table games now. There is no doubt that these are a good gift but, what about social games? We have mentioned them before but do we know exactly what they are?

What are social games?

We call social games to those in which children they represent situations of daily life. They are very important because they stimulate your imagination and help you understand different roles, routines and habits. They are, therefore, symbolic games loaded with learning in which they pretend to be older. To cite some examples, we have the classic "dads and moms" or the game of "doctors". Surely you have also heard your daughter say "we are going to play teachers". Well, all those games that are based almost exclusively on the imagination are social games.

They are very productive and to make them more attractive, this Christmas can be a great idea to resort to costumes or miniature reproductions, such as kitchens, supermarkets and garages. To buy these things, once again, we can not let go that the game has to go according to your taste, curiosity and temperament.

To choose the perfect toy you only need two things

The only two things that we can be required as parents in choosing the perfect toy are: common sense and balance. Just as some children get their teeth before others and in the same way that some prefer milk alone and others with cocoa, so there are games that are better suited to the needs and tastes of some children than to others . We can not pretend that our son likes a particular toy because it is the most recommended for his age. We have to keep a balance between the educational process that we want to carry out with all our children in general and their particular evolutionary development.

Elisa García

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