How to teach nutrition to children

We are increasingly aware of the importance of following a healthy diet and exercising. Teaching children nutrition will not cost so much if, from school, they are helped to understand what foods should be eaten more frequently and in greater quantity. Aware of the importance of educating children in good nutrition, those responsible for the Aramark cattery have launched an educational initiative that they have called The Little House of Food.

From a cdynamic and participatory, the Aramark team, made up of pedagogues, teachers and nutritionists, tries to explain to the students of Infant Education of the schools to which it supplies daily what foods we have to include in our diet and what is the best way to combine them to maximize their benefits nutritional and promote the best functioning of our body. The target audience of this caterin is made up of different schools and companies, so the story has many different potential clients. To this we must add that it is not the first story that the entity designs to approach the little ones. The realization of activities of this type is for them a habitual practice.

Argument and values ​​of the food story

The story, starring a nice little glass of water, is presented throughout an interactive session in which children have the opportunity to participate and have a great time. That little glass shows the children the different plants of a house in which many other characters live; as Yogurt, Don Queso or Miss Milk, for example. Through a digital presentation, how could it be otherwise by the familiarization of our children with new technologies and how unattractive the reality seems far from them, they are taught the different key concepts. A group dynamic is also carried out and, in order to settle the knowledge acquired and develop their imagination, a drawing workshop is held under the theme of nutrition.

With these practices it is intended teach children what the best eating habits are and do more attractive fruits and vegetables, because these are the ones that normally generate the most rejection among our children. Which does not happen with a hamburger or a plate of spaghetti, for example, and that's something that needs to be changed. Therefore, the first thing is to explain which are the food groups or families and which ones have to be eaten more frequently and in greater quantity. We have to expose them in an attractive way the benefits of food. The trick is to teach them to eat without their noticing. If we use them from small to appreciate different flavors, when they are older they will not have hobbies, they will like to eat everything and they will be able to take a healthy and balanced diet without any problem.

The caterin does not miss, with this initiative, the opportunity to show children the importance of drinking enough fluids. You have to be hydrated and do physical exercise, hence the little glass of water is our narrator. Surely at the end of the story he also becomes his friend and they will want to ignore it blindly! Another objective of this story is to stop the sedentary lifestyle of children and explain to children that sports and outdoor games are a fun alternative to computers, video games or television.

Other programs to educate on nutrition

As we said, this is not the first time that Aramark seeks to raise awareness among children that nutrition is important in our lives. In fact, all the stories that are taking out are included in a project called "The taste to grow", which has its own website. From here, the caterin aims to encourage healthy habits among children and provide parents and teachers the necessary guidelines to do so at home and at school. In the portal there are also available various teaching resources and recipes which can be accessed completely free of charge.

Dad, mom: sign up these apps to learn how to eat healthy

That to educate without being seen duster and without finishing being heavy and boring is not always a simple task, in fact, we must be especially persuasive to achieve it. Therefore, there are many resources on the Internet that facilitate our work. Here we propose some:

-   Food flight: is a video game developed by Kids Health for iPhone available on iTunes for children to learn to eat healthy in a simple and fun way. The child must move a snowman from side to side so that he can pick up the food that falls from the sky. But beware! You will have to explain to your son that only healthy food can be taken, the junk food will have to be avoided because if the doll eats it we will have to start over. We can pass the level once we have achieved two thousand healthy calories.

- Diana eats healthy: This application has the same purpose as the previous one. The children will understand with her which foods help us grow, which give us the energy to face the day at school and what things we have to eat with less assiduity. The game is designed in pastel colors and has different activities, from the simplest (which only consists of coloring) to which requires a little more intellectual effort with which we will have to look for differences. As Food Flight, Diana eats healthy It is available in iTunes for iPhone.

- Nutrition and balanced diet: in this case, our protagonist is not Diana but Bo. In this game, three activities are proposed: the first one helps the child to distinguish healthy foods from those that are not, the second explains how to distribute them in families and the third invites the user to create a "magic potion" with the chef. healthy recipe to create a great and balanced meal, will be the main dish of the penguin's birthday. It is compatible with all iPhone devices and it is accessed through iTunes. It is free for the first levels and we will have to pay if we want to continue playing when we have overcome them.

-   Healthy food monsters: Another new friend! A small little monster that, like the snowman that we presented before, skips the unhealthy foods and keeps the foods rich in vitamins. At first children need the help of an adult to play these things because it is difficult for them to first know how to distinguish a healthy food from one that is not. But that's what it's about, that in the end they know how to do it for themselves. It is also for iPhone but can be installed on other devices.

- Counting food with Lenny: This application differs from previous ones in that it is specially designed for all those children who have diabetes because what it does is help them control the amount of carbohydrates they have consumed to maintain a good blood sugar level. Find it in iTunes and install it on your iPhone.

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