Tips and recommendations to buy Christmas Lottery

December 22 is a date marked on the calendars of a large part of the Spanish: it is the day of the Christmas lottery. Many get up and stay a good part of the morning glued to television, radio or social networks to learn about the winning numbers of the draw that will make 'millionaires' to a good number of Spaniards.

Now, if you want it to touch you, you must buy at least one coupon. For this, beyond the basics (pay for something that is purchased) and certain habits or personal traditions to give you luck, it is good to follow tips and recommendations to avoid scams and problems. Next, we answer the most common questions and doubts.

Where to buy Christmas Lottery

To be sure that Christmas lottery what you buy is safe and it is not a fake, it is best to go to a official administration of State Lotteries and Bets, which are spread throughout the Spanish geography. On the other hand, today online sales are very widespread, in this case it is advisable to go to safe places and never to an unknown portal.

Are the online deci's safe?

When you buy online, National Lottery allows you to have your tenth online, which can make you wonder if this has the same validity as a physical one. The answer is yes, because the tenth online must correspond to the tenth real, which the company in question reserves for you.

When you buy a online lottery coupon, you must receive a confirmation email that will be your proof of purchase. This must be corroborated by the National Currency and Stamp Factory.

If it has touched me, where and when is a tenth awarded?

Depending on the amount of the prize, it will be necessary to go to one place or another, but you can always charge from the same December 22 to a period of three months.

If the prize is less than 3,000 euros It can be charged at any official lottery administration. In case of being superior, it is necessary to go to a financial institution or to the commercial delegation of Lotteries to collect the money.

Can I collect the prize of a broken tenth?

If your tenth is broken, you must present it in an administration of Lotteries, because the employees of the administration will send it to Lotteries and State Bets for review. If it can be cashed, Loterías will issue the payment order to the administration. If the tenth is too deteriorated and doubts persist about its validity, it is sent to the National Currency and Stamp Factory, which issues a report in favor or against being paid.

How to know if the Christmas Lottery has touched you

On the internet there are several search engines to check if a specific number has been awarded in the Extraordinary Draw on December 22. Also Lotteries and State Betting publishes all the numbers.

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