Ski for children: learn to ski from small

The skiing technique has evolved a lot and has undergone great changes in a short time, as well as the material and the conditioning of the ski resorts making them more and more apt to enjoy the sport of skiing for children and in family.

For about 20 years, the stars of the winter holidays are the ski resorts adapted to families. A fundamental aspect for attract families with children to the snow and the sport of skiing has been the creation of programs and services such as skiing in family, where there are proposals for winter trip designed for families where in addition to skiing or learning snowboarding, can live a different holiday in the snow.

Characteristics of snow gardens for children

In the ski resorts for families there are well-known snow gardens, areas adapted for children that fulfill two functions. On the one hand, they allow parents to ski freely, and on the other hand, they offer children the possibility of starting out in this new sport. The snow gardens offer parents safety on the control of their children and comforts for children. In addition, they must meet the following conditions:

- They have a flat land with a slight slope and contrapendiente for the initiation in the ski of young children.
- The enclosure is fenced and closed.
- They must have a control of the entrance for the identification of the child (card, bib number) and data collection of the parents (accommodation, collection time).
- Enjoy a comfortable shelter for breaks and meals.
- It has a small mechanical means.

How to teach children to ski

The teaching plan of the ski school will depend on the age of the child and its physical and psychological characteristics, since they are very different between children from 2 to 6 years old.

1. Habituarse to the medium. To familiarize the child with snow, first of all the flat area where they will have fun playing in the snow, making balls and dolls ... while creating a climate of companionship and respect.

2. Positioning of the skis. At first, not too hard boots are used that allow children to move comfortably. The first falls serve as an adaptation to notice how much fun it is to fall on soft snow.

3. Trace a small slope. In this new activity, the psychomotor maturity of each child gives the instructor the guidelines to use external aids such as handrails, straw, mats ...

4. Sliding. On the slope, the slip should start at low speed and be compensated with the counter-slope. The climbing effort for the children will be compensated with the reward of the descent.

From here, the children begin with the alpine technique where the help of the forms of land with maximum utility, and patience, repetition, imitation and the desire to overcome necessary to continue with the learning of skiing.

Learning to ski: elements to make it more fun

Its use is based on the imagination:

- Sticks. Its use is very varied, both to mark the turns and to make bridges, as to form downhill groups.
- Cradle. It allows the child, just by slipping through it, to put the skis in a wedge.
- Balloons. To make numerous games: they can be carried from one side to another, above the head, held with the knees ...
- Slide. The child is taken from one side of the track to the other, with which he acquires the sensation of turning.
- Badenes. They help balance.
- Flag. Skidding is not a problem.
- Pedalo. The independence of the work of the legs is assured

Marisol Nuevo Espín
Advice: AEPEDI (Association of Schools, Teachers, and Winter Sports Coaches)

Video: Learn to Ski (With Kids) - New Season, New Lessons

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