SsangYong Tívoli: urban response

Of citizen inspiration and a dynamic image, sporty and SUV for its bodywork high and with the possibility of acquiring it with only front or total traction, the new model of SsangYong makes an eloquent nod to the European market to offer a car to the taste of the old continent and has baptized it with the name of the Italian city of Tivoli.

This is the first model developed by the Korean brand since it was acquired by the Indian group Mahindra, that has endowed it with the best economic and technical means to make a quality car and modern design, in which the functionalities of urban use have been combined with a SUV appearance, that follows the footsteps of such successful cars as the Renault Captur or Nissan Juke, market leaders in the same segment.

Ssang Yong Tívoli: a surprising interior

The Tivoli measures 4.20 meters and offers a sporty image, although it is perhaps more interesting the result of its interior, since it has a great habitability, which offers its occupants a generous space in the front seats, without affecting the rear, with seats that have a good inclination to deal with long trips with comfort.

The trunk It has a capacity of 423 liters and an area of ​​more than one meter in width and a maximum width of more than 1.3 meters. To modulate the cargo space, the backs of the rear seats fold down completely, in proportions 40/60 and allows to reach up to 1,115 liters.

Very functional technology in the Ssang Yong Tívoli

As it is an unstoppable trend, the Tivoli is committed to connectivity and innovation, incorporating as standard elements such as electric power steering Flex Steer with three levels of hardness, the onboard computer with indicator angle of rotation of the wheels, multifunction steering wheel, cruise control and turn signals and one-touch wipers.

Optionally, it allows to incorporate a multimedia system with touch screen seven-inch with USB, HDMI and Bluetooth connection, Tomtom navigator with European cartography, the dual-zone climate control with memory function, as well as the possibility of choosing between six colors the illumination of the instrument panel.

Gasoline and diesel

Underhood you can choose between two engines: petrol, an atmospheric 1.6-liter e-XGi160 and 128 hp, with an approved consumption of 6.6 liters on average, associated with a 6-speed manual gearbox. The second, the turbo-diesel e-XDi160 and 115 HP, with a manual version 4x2, which consumes 4.3 liters per 100 kilometers.

In addition, the Tivoli can be chosen with 2WD or 4WD traction associated to the diesel engine with both manual and automatic transmission.

The system of 4x4 drive is electronically controlled and automatically split the torque between the two axes. The version with 4-wheel drive has a differential lock below 40 km / h which, together with a ground clearance of 167 mm, ensures good behavior of the off-road Tívoli and sliding surfaces.

For the savers that make many kilometers there is a Bifuel petrol and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) version, with a range of up to 1,200 kilometers and the advantages of a lower price on fuel and lower emissions pollutants

To the fuel tank of 47 liters is added another LPG of 56, located in the place of the spare wheel, so that 75 liters of space in the trunk are lost. You have to consider that LPG has a lower price than gasoline -filling the deposit costs 32 euros- and has someCO2 and NOx missions up to 15 percent lower than gasoline engines.

Finally, it should be noted that the new SsangYong Tívoli offers a five year warranty or 100,000 kilometers.

Ssang Yong Tívoli technical sheet:

Motors: Petrol 1.6 of 128 HP and turbo diesel 1.6 of 115 HP.
Transmission: 6 speed manual change And automatic six-speed ASIN. Front or total traction.
Suspension: Front McPherson and rear wheels thrown.
Brakes: Disks, the ventilated forwards.
Address: With electric assistance and personalized hardness.
Long wide high: 4.20 / 1.79 / 1.59 meters
Capacities: Trunk 423 / 1,115 liters. Deposit, 47 liters.

Francisco DEL BRIO. NewsMotor

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