Smartick, chosen by MIT to learn mathematics in the US

The Spanish company Smatick, which proposes a new system of learning mathematics practicing them 15 minutes a day, has just been associated with the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to boost the learning of mathematics in the United States. Great news for this 'start up' based in our country and whose method does not stop expanding.

The Global Entrepreneurship Laboratory (G-Lab) has selected this startup to accelerate its internationalization. In this way, the company explained in a press release that the goal is for both students and professors of one of the best MBA programs worldwide to work for four months "to identify the challenges of this innovator online mathematics learning method for children from 4 to 14 years old in its expansion to the USA".

Smartick projection

On one occasion we talked about this new and fun proposal that ensures that, with only 15 minutes a day, children will not only learn mathematics but will end up loving them. The truth is that more and more parents are trusting in this computer program, which is also being chosen in several schools as a learning method.

The current selection by MIT comes to continue an interesting path of achievement of this Spanish 'Start Up', which was already chosen by the European Commission as one of the 30 most innovative projects in Europe.

Selection at MIT

Smartick's association with MIT will provide Spaniards with strategic advice, allowing them to better understand the panorama they will encounter when they become international, since this has been an idea in mind from the beginning. This is explained by the co-founder of the company Daniel González de Vega, who says that Smartick is present in 42 countries and that currently they are "finalizing" the English version "in response to the growing alliance".

"This partnership with MIT culminates a year in which Smartick has seen its work recognized with a large increase in the number of private students and schools and with initiatives such as Endeavor, which chose González de Vega as one of its entrepreneurs in the recent summit of Santiago de Chile ", says the company.

For his part, the other co-founder of Smartick, Javier Arroy, took the opportunity to remember "how rewarding it is to receive messages from parents and guardians thanking the work we do so that their children understand mathematics." Something that is in keeping with the current context: "in an increasingly technological world, our bet is that children lose fear and overcome with numbers, vital in more and more areas and, therefore, indispensable to make a better world, "he concludes.

Mathematics at school

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects in the curriculum of the schools: they are present during all the school years and it is necessary to approve them. However, this subject is usually one of the "most difficult" for certain students, becoming a difficult subject to pass in some cases.

Despite the difficulties that some children have with numbers, the truth is that nowadays they are essential for everything: from making the purchase so that they do not deceive us until any work they need mathematics, especially those related to the technological world, since this one has its base in numbers, logic and, in essence, mathematics.

It is essential that today's children learn mathematical logic, but some are facing serious problems. Until now, the option had always been to target our children to academies or to look for private tutors. However, the rise of technology and new methods of teaching is giving a boom of different options to ensure that children not only learn 'mates', but that they like.

Smartick's formula is one of the most innovative and, in fact, its success is clear: more and more parents choose them, as well as schools and, as we have seen, prestigious international institutions.

In some schools the so-called "project" training, based on Gargner's theory of multiple intelligences, is also making children improve in this area. Other traditional and almost forgotten methods are re-emerging with force: this is the case of the origami and the abacus.

Angela R. Bonachera

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