Families will spend almost 10% more on Christmas than last year

The forecast of spending for this Christmas is optimistic. According to a study conducted by the Deloitte company on Christmas family consumption in 2015, family spending will increase by 9.8 percent over the disbursement made last year. Specifically, it is estimated that families will spend an average of 684 euros this Christmas.

What will we spend the money this Christmas

Gifts, leisure and travel they will be the main destination for Christmas family expenses. The economic recovery will be noticeable mainly in the decline in loan requests to face the Christmas holidays and in the reduction of purchases of second-hand items.

In figures, the spending on gifts increases by 12 percent, standing at 269 euros, those leisure increased by 10.6 percent, standing at 83 euros per family, and those for travel by 25.2 percent, standing at 124 euros on average per family.

The only section that experiences a slight decrease is the food with 0.4 percent, because the tendency to buy more basic foods for the most important celebrations continues.

Comparing with the rest of European countries, this economic optimism places Spain ranked fifth in Christmas spending, which is led by the United Kingdom with an expenditure of 1,146 euros, and above Germany with an average expenditure of 539 euros per family. The European average amounts to 662 euros.

More cautious in spending this Christmas

The search for the best price and the most useful gift They will set the trend this Christmas. And is that according to experts, the Spanish consumer has become more cautious after the effects of the crisis. Finding offers and promotions, comparing prices to find the lowest, and avoiding overstretching are among the family goals this Christmas.

The favorite gifts of this Christmas

The useful and practical gift is the most sought after this Christmas. This study estimates that 60 percent of families will have their gifts purchased before December 15 thanks to promotions such as Black Friday. Only 6 percent stop shopping for gifts for the last hour or after Reyes.

Regarding gifts, the Cash has become the most desired gift by the Spaniards and is placed in the sixth position among the most received with a growth of 5 points. Others such as perfumes and cosmetics, clothes or books top the list of those who will receive more this Christmas, along with the technological gains that win between men.

Internet grows in purchases of Christmas gifts

Buying through the Internet is consolidated as a novelty and, above all, stands out as a platform for consulting prices and information on products. In this sector, highlights the importance of the smartphone as a star device to make purchases, since for the third consecutive year the number of users who have purchased through a mobile phone has grown up to 48 percent. Through the tablet, the number of purchases has grown up to 35 percent. However, department stores continue to lead the market share of purchases with 31 percent, followed by specialized chains with 29 percent and supermarkets and hypermarkets with 21 percent.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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