130 essential measures to support the family

The Family Policy Institute (IPF) has developed a report with "130 measures of support for the family" essential for the development of a true comprehensive policy of support for families, which is divided into 10 areas of action.

These areas are: the family as an institution; the commitment to the family and the convergence with Europe; towards a family culture; more than a decent home, a home; the right to freedom to have children; the right to conciliation of work and family life; the right to conjugal stability; the right of parents to educate their children; towards a family perspective tax; the active participation of families and associations.

According to the IPF, "a comprehensive policy of support for the family that to be true and effective must: promote the family as an institution, promote the very idea of ​​the family, promote a favorable culture and environment, allow the family to face day to day, help parents to have the children they want, integrate in a truly humane and constructive way their different areas of work, family and personal development, help overcome family crises, recognize the right of parents to educate their children, promote the active participation of parents and associations, and take into account, with specific measures, families with specific needs. "

Measures to support the family

1. A Ministry of the Family. Or at least, a Secretary of State for the Family with sufficient organizational and budgetary capacity to develop the promotion and protection of the family. Most of the countries of the European Union have one of the two options.

2. A Law of Protection of the Family. An effective constitutional mandate, which grants continuity and permanence to its promotion and which guarantees a common minimum of protection to the family, thus diminishing the existing inequalities. Likewise, a Family Perspective Law, which incorporates the mandatory application of the family perspective to all public policies.

3. Repeal of the "divorce express" law. After ten years of application, he has proven his failure by doubling the number of divorces in Spain.

4. Repeal of the current law on free abortion. Its character is absolutely regressive by introducing free abortion until 14 weeks and treating it as a woman's right. In turn, the creation of Care Centers for pregnant women that help all mothers, single or married, to have their children, especially minors, immigrants or in difficult situations.

5. State Pact on the Family between political parties. To grant continuity and permanence to its promotion avoiding electoral swings with guarantees of a common policy. At the same time, a State of Education Pact between them, by which they commit themselves to guarantee the full compliance and development of article 27.3 of the Spanish Constitution and not to use education as an indoctrinating instrument.

6. Cheaper houses for the family. Pact of the central administration, autonomous communities and town councils with the aim of developing and implementing a joint housing policy that allows its reduction in price.

7. More family benefits. Gradual convergence with the European average. The percentage of GDP destined for the family must be increased progressively, so that within a period of no more than five years the European average can be reached (currently it is 2.2% of GDP in the so-called 28). Of course, the update, increase and universalization of the so-called 100-euro payment to all mothers for the care of children under three years of age. In addition, an increase in the provision of direct support for dependent children up to an amount that reaches the European Union average.

8. Institutional campaigns. It is necessary to raise awareness in society, raise awareness of the importance of marriage and family, such as maternity and paternity, birth and pregnancy.

9. Recognition of the figure of maternal mobbing. The woman is discriminated against because she is a mother, including her dismissal. We must promote its eradication as a practice and protect motherhood from a labor point of view. Equally, an increase in paid maternity leave up to 20 weeks would be good for mothers who have, adopt or foster a child, as well as an increase in paid paternity leave up to six weeks.

10. Creation of Family Counseling Centers (COF), both public and private -by means of 0.7% of the IRPF-, in order to ensure effective help to marriages to overcome crises and conflicts. Application of the "Splitting" model or similar, assuring the principle that, equal to other circumstances (same family income), there is equal fiscal pressure.Thus, the Spanish fiscal model will be approached to the German "splitting" or to other similar formulas.

Gonzalo Medina

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