The UFV creates a Center for Integral Accompaniment to the Family

The Francisco de Vitoria University inaugurates its University Center of integral accompaniment to the family with the aim of helping in a professional way students and relatives with problems. In this center, a pioneer in Spain, it has expert professionals from most of the disciplines on which the family is supported.

Professionals to help solve family problems

To achieve this goal, a team of psychologists, family counselors, teachers, lawyers, doctors, nurses and physiotherapists work jointly and in coordination to provide the family with the tools they need, whatever their situation or their problems: education of children , problems of couple, conflicts with adolescent children, bullying, learning difficulties, anxiety, depression, stress, anorexia and bulimia, problems in social relationships, addictions, duels, psychosomatic problems ...

The coordinator of this center, Elena Arderiu, explains that "it is increasingly common that there are problems and circumstances that cause the family to encounter difficulties that they can not solve on their own." This can cause parents, children and siblings to separate positions , establishing walls in communication and forgetting that it is in the family where we have to find the strength and hope to move forward, where we must work to recover lost confidence and ... this is not easy ".

Advice on campus

For this reason, the Francisco de Vitoria University and the Desarrollo y Persona Foundation have combined their experience and efforts to bet on the creation of the "Integral Accompaniment Center for the Family". Thanks to this initiative, the family will be accompanied throughout the process, through weekly sessions with the professionals who attend them and with a continuous follow-up until the problem is solved. The center has an exclusive method of evaluation, diagnosis and treatment, where a personalized and free assessment of the overall situation of the family will be carried out and a specific intervention will be proposed in writing for each case.

In the center it is located in the Pozuelo de Alarcón campus and managed by the Desarrollo y Persona Foundation. Its headquarters is in module 1 of the central building of the UFV campus, to be accessible to the public, and at the same time discreet, so that the user feels as free as possible.

There, the families of the students will be able to receive advice from expert professionals in psychology, law, education, medicine, nursing or physiotherapy and consult with them any doubts they may have. Through an integral and transdisciplinary service, the center offers a differentiated method of evaluation (free of charge), a diagnosis, a therapeutic intervention and a personalized follow-up.

Problems that affect the family fully

To be clearer on what kind of problems this center can help families, Elena Arderiu explains that "the professionals who are part of this initiative can treat from anxiety problems, low mood, family conflicts or eating disorders to others more specific such as nervousness or test anxiety. "

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