Five cheap baby hammocks perfect for your first months

The baby arrived! Among the many products that are thought for the smallest and most delicate of the house are hammocks for babies. A very useful invention, because it allows babies to be comfortable while at the same time safe and in a space different from that of the crib. We recommend 10 hammocks with the best value for money on the market.

Tips before buying the hammock

As the baby will spend a lot of time in his hammock, there is a maxim to be fulfilled: to be comfortable and safe. Most hammocks are very similar: they consist of a chassis made of metal, hard plastic or wood and a cushion shaped seat that includes a safety harness. However, when choosing the best model you will find many types.

- Seats. Almost all are padded and soft, which provides maximum comfort to the baby. There are also hard plastic ones that are easier to clean.

- Support base. The chassis can be static, with straight legs or in the shape of a rocking chair, that is, with a rocker-like support that provides a slight movement of the hammock.

- Activities. Some hammocks also incorporate an activity center in the shape of an arch with dolls that hang and fall at the height of the little hands of the child, so that it will be more entertaining.

- Other extras. Some hammocks also include a vibration system that emits movements to relax the baby. Also, others bring canopies or canopies that can be useful to give more privacy to the baby if he falls asleep or if he gets the sun.

- The type of folding and ease of transport. The handles and a comfortable folding will facilitate moving the hammock from one place to another.

Safety considerations with the baby hammock

- They are never placed on surfaces: it is better that they are on the floor to ensure balance.

- Blocks systems security of harnesses and recline.

- Do not use the hammocks in the car

- Do not abuse the hammock, as the child needs to move his whole body to develop

Hammocks with good value for money

Hammock Fisher-price

Nice hammock for 60 euros that becomes a seesaw when the child grows. In addition, it is also a fixed chair for babies, which makes it a good investment. It has a removable toy bar so that the baby can play comfortably and its padding can be washed in a washing machine and dried in a dryer. Up to 18 kilos.

Hammock Bright-Starts 7030

Rocking chair with duck cushion that sells for less than 90 euros. It reclines in two positions and includes music with six melodies in adjustable volume, as well as an automatic stop device. The rolling can be regulated in six speeds. It has an activity bar and its two plush toys pivot to facilitate access for the baby.

Chicco Balloon hammock

This beautiful hammock is sold for between 80 and 100 euros. It has a bar of electronic games with lights of colors, six sounds of nature and six melodies. The hammock also has a removable electronic panel to fix the cradle and gives the possibility to record a message for the child, 30 seconds long.

BabyBjorn hammock

The delicate design of this hammock makes it very cozy. It is worth about 100 euros and is characterized by a soft tissue, rounded shapes and its original design. The pleasant balancing helps develop the motor and balance of the baby naturally. The hammock has an adequate support for the head and back thanks to the ergonomic design of the hammock.

Chicco Easy Relax hammock

Hammock that sells for just over 50 euros. It has support to leave the hammock fixed or tilting, as well as safety straps for the baby. Its carrying straps make it easy to take the hammock from one place to another. Suitable for babies from birth until they weigh about nine kilos.

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