10 books to celebrate the Day of the Bookshops

The high quality of publications aimed at children, with illustrators, authors and publishers that share enthusiasm and good results, together with the role of specialized bookstores as cultural promoters, makes it possible that this genre is living a good time and that they are an important part of the recovery that the publishing market reflects after several years of decline, reaching sales in 2014 of 275 million euros.

Celebrate the Day of the Libraries

The children's publishing sector is living a good time and nothing better to celebrate it than the 5th edition of the Day of the Bookshops, a party for all lovers of books, in addition to bookstores specializing in children and youth, which throughout the day will have schedules, activities and special discounts. Today, all Spanish bookstores will have special hours until 10 pm, offer discounts of 5% on all purchases and organize a multitude of parallel activities.

Currently, bookstores specializing in books for children and young people play a great educational role and function as cultural dynamizers, in the task of advising parents to create a good reading habit among children since they are very young. But in addition, most of these bookstores loyalty to their public by organizing a multitude of participatory activities around the culture of the book: storytelling, creative workshops, visits to the favorite characters of children, concerts, etc.

Bookstores, a booming sector

According to the data registered in the todostuslibros.com platform (created by CEGAL with the intention of making it easier for readers to search for books that they want to buy), among the searches carried out during the last six months, the children's and youth-themed books wipe out number of clicks

We highlight some titles like The lion and the bird by Marianne Dubuc and edited by Tamuntana, awarded by the Guild of Booksellers of Madrid for Best Illustrated Album of the Year and The black dog by Levi Pindfol, 2014 Kirico Book Award.

10 books to celebrate the Day of the Libraries

For this reason, today we bring you a selection of 10 books of children and youth to celebrate the Day of Bookstores.

Recommended books for children from 0 to 3 years old

The gluttonous caterpillar


The caterpillar was very small, but it had a huge hunger. So he spent all this story eating, going through page after page. Until finally it became, like all the caterpillars, a butterfly. A book really bored by the very gluttonous.

The lion and the bird

Awarded by the Guild of Booksellers of Madrid as Best Illustrated Album of the Year.

One day in Autumn, the lion finds a wounded bird near his orchard. It is the beginning of a great friendship.

Recommended books for children from 3 to 6 years old

The black dog

Awarded the Kirico Book Prize 2014.

The story tells us how one day a family finds a huge black dog at the door of their house. The father, when leaning out of the window, is the first to notice and felt such fear at the size of the animal that he immediately called the police. They advised him not to leave the house. The next to see him was Mrs. Esperanza who turned off all the lights so the dog would not know they were inside. And the same thing happened with the two eldest sons, who hid under the blankets with an atrocious fear. Until finally it was the smallest of the family who noticed the presence of the animal and decided that she did know what to do.

Stories to educate happy children  

The book is divided into 10 points that the author considers essential to educate happy children: give them unconditional love, develop their self-esteem, boost their autonomy, develop self-confidence, value their effort and perseverance, live honestly and sincerely, respect their individuality, know how to apply limits and norms, provide security and educate him in peace and tranquility. Each section contains an explanation about the point that is being discussed, two stories related to it and a file so that parents can work with their children.

Recommended books for children from 7 to 10

Doña Parlanchano's hat 

One night, a mysterious hand begins to pour strange messages into Mrs. Parlanchano's mailbox: the most unfriendly lady and bad fleas in the building. They all blame Manuel and Lola, the protagonists of this story, for the prank. Not even their parents believe them when the brothers insist that they have not been.

Posed as an intriguing novel, well conceived, this work is developed in an agile and written with a lot of sense of humor, Manuel and Lola will discover the value of truth, generosity and loyalty.

The nightmare dealer

In Peñas Gemelas, all the inhabitants suffer horrifying nightmares accompanied by a cold that penetrates them to the bone. Many years before, two very strange men accompanied by a small child, Críspulo, settled down in a large house in the outskirts called La Casa del Frío.

Now Críspulo has grown older. One day, his godfather, an old nut, informs him that he is old enough to work. In one of his nocturnal outings to fulfill his work, the boy meets some children who will make him see that there is another way of living different from his and his life will change completely. With Críspulo, Methodius and the children of the school, you will know the great value of being generous with those around you.

Recommended books for children from 11 to 14 years old

11th birthday  

On their first birthday, they learned to walk. When they turned five years old, they planted some seeds in pots that they modeled together. On their tenth birthday, they learned that there are things that should never be said.

Amanda is going to be eleven years old and should be happy. Instead, she has to put on a horrible dress that her mother chose for a boring costume party. Meanwhile, on the other side of the city, Leo, his old best friend, is celebrating his birthday with a big party, for which he has hired a hypnotist, a soccer player, a giant lizard and a rock band. IT'S NOT FAIR!

When the day finally ends, Amanda is happy to leave behind such a disastrous birthday and be able to wake up to a happy new day without problems. But will he get it? Because it seems that the day of his birthday repeats itself again ... What is happening?

The mystery of Queen Nefertiti

When the Wilfords move to live in an old house in London, they do not imagine that it hides a powerful object, as magnificent as it is dangerous. His son Charlie will find him by chance and, in the company of his nosy sister Lisa, will learn to use his new powers. The boys will be involved in innumerable problems and adventures, leaving behind a trail of clues that a ruthless killer will follow to try to snatch their incredible find. Meanwhile, Maggie Wilford, mother of Charlie and famed archaeologist, will try to unveil one of the great mysteries of Ancient Egypt: who it was in reality and where the Great Queen Nefertiti is buried.

Recommended books for parents

The 7 habits of highly effective families

Each family is unique but all are equal in their purpose: to be happy. With great vision and practical wisdom Stephen R. Covey synthesizes in 7 habits the bases for success in family life. Although we believe that everything is lost, that the abyss with our children is unbridgeable or that our marriage is a failure, putting these principles into practice can give an unforgettable turn to any situation.

In this turbulent world it can be difficult to have fully satisfying and stable family relationships. How to communicate with each member of the family? How to avoid misunderstandings? How to make them feel that they are the first thing in our lives despite work, responsibilities and lack of time? What is failing in my marriage?

The educational keys of 6 to 12 years

In its pages we will find the educational keys to face the most frequent daily situations at these ages ... Each chapter begins with a "family situation" or example of each of the difficulties, then its possible causes are analyzed and the measures are addressed possible preventive Finally, an action plan referring to this family situation is proposed, which can be used as a support for parents and educators to elaborate their own for each particular case.

Most of the problems that occur at these ages can be detected before they become so.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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