Five delicious pumpkin desserts for this fall

The autumn It is a time of year that leaves us beautiful prints in parks, gardens and forests. This station has many peculiarities and one of them is its typical fruits and fruits, among which highlights the pumpkin. If you are one of those who 'love' the pumpkin, do not miss these dessert recipes.

Properties and benefits of the pumpkin

The Pumpkin is an autumn fruit with very low caloric and fatty intake, which makes it a "light" food recommended in diets to lose weight. One of the main reasons for this is its "high satiating character", as explained in Puleva Salud.

"The lightness of the pumpkin, together with its high content in potasior, they make of this an ideal food to eliminate the liquids of the organism ", they indicate.It is a food with a high concentration in fiber, which in addition improves the intestinal transit and helps to prevent the constipation.

The pumpkin is rich in phosphorus and magnesium. It is very advisable in the diet of the smallest of the house since, to all the mentioned benefits, it is added that it improves the state of the hair, the vision, the bones, the teeth, the immunological system, the respiratory system and the apparatus digestive.

Videos of recipes with pumpkin

Pumpkin with milk



- Sugar or piloncillo to taste


Pumpkin sponge cake with walnuts


- 300 g Wheat flour

- 250 g Sugar

- 4 large size eggs

- 125 ml Sunflower oil or other neutral

- 50 g Walnuts

- 16 g Baking powder or baking powder

- Salt teaspoon

- Nutmeg butternut

- Ground cinnamon teaspoon

- 400 g Roasted pumpkin meat

Pumpkin pie


-Purple of pumpkin

-180gr. Of flour

-225gr of butter

-A one and a half teaspoons of yeast

-One teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate

-A one and a half teaspoons of cinnamon powder

-Media teaspoon of salt

-A touch of black pepper

-225 gr. of sugar

-3/4 teaspoon grated nutmeg

-225gr. of brown sugar

-1 tablespoon vanilla sugar

-Three eggs

-120ml buttermilk

-200gr cream cheese

-75gr of butter

-300 gr. of sugar glass

-One teaspoon of cinnamon powder

Pumpkin cake with pumpkin and chocolate


-1kg of squash drained

-250gr. of sugar

- Six eggs

-220ml of cream

-65gr. Of flour

-10gr of baking powder

-Cinnamon to taste

-250gr of chocolate to melt

Puddin pumpkin and orange

Ingredients for orange slices

1 piece of orange

1 cup of white sugar

Ingredients for candy

2 tablespoons of water

6 tablespoons of white sugar

Ingredients for pudding

3 tablespoons of white sugar

1 piece of orange

1/4 cup orange juice

1 cup cow's milk

3/4 cup wheat flour

3 pieces of egg

500 grams of pumpkin from Castilla

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Video: Healthy PUMPKIN SEASON Fall Recipes! Pumpkin Cornbread, Cookies, Truffles, & more!

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