How to take advantage of money in online shopping

The market for online shopping every time moves more money. In addition, there is a generalized idea that buying online is always cheaper than in stores on the street, but you have to know where to buy. For this reason, we have prepared a list of websites where you can Save time and take advantage of the money in your family purchases.

However, you should follow a series of tips to make these purchases online even more profitable. Some of them are to establish a budget, anticipate certain dates such as Christmas, look at both the price and the shipping and commissions, check that the online store is associated with a website. cashback that allows to reimburse at least 15 percent of what the buyer has paid, inform himself of the opinions of other users and take into account coupons and special discount offers.

How to optimize online purchases to buy cheap

There is a wide range of possibilities to buy online and find the cheapest prices. Fill the shopping cart and we get the cheapest account, renew the costumes of the whole family at affordable prices, get help for family tasks and be able to make ends meet, go out to eat or travel with family for the purposes of Week and holidays are some of the most important needs of families with children and these are the proposals that we suggest to reach everything.

Webs to fill the shopping cart

Ta help you find quality food at the best price

- To field. Various media recommend Alcampo as one of the cheapest supermarkets in Spain. In you can choose between more than 25,000 items, at the same price as in your Alcampo hypermarket. Food items, drinks, perfume, baby, parapharmacy, drugstore, pets, bazaar, toys, textiles, computers, electronics, televisions, small electro, stationery and books you will find in the online store of "Food and Home".

- The first order of this online supermarket is exempt from VAT. Here you can buy meat, fish, fruits and more than 7,000 products at the best prices. They guarantee the most competitive price in the market by comparing their prices every day with those of the usual large supermarkets.

Webs to buy clothes, shoes and clothing accessories

They save you time and money essential items

- ShopAlike. It offers a wide variety of fashion and children's fashion items. You can find shoes, bags, games, toys, and a wide selection of household items in textiles, furniture and lighting. It is advisable to use portals that group the offer of hundreds of stores, thus being able to find the most advantageous offer of what we are looking for. In addition, this type of portals also usually have discount coupons for many of the stores: In there is also a wide variety of coupons to use in various stores and for different services.

- Percentile. It is the largest almost new (second-hand) fashion store with discounts of up to 90 percent in more than 7,000 brands. And you can also sell! So you can give a second chance to the clothes that you no longer use. Includes women's, children's, baby's and pre-mom's clothes. The clothes you send must be less than 4 years old and if it is from the current season, they pay more for it.

Webs to get help in daily tasks

They make your life easier

- Helpyapp. It is a collaborative consumption website (what was TratoJusto) in which people offer their services by contacting the closest users geographically to get a fair price.

- Easy family. It offers trusted professionals with references, experience and work report among household employees, babysitters, caregivers, cooks, handymen, gardeners, dog walkers and many other profiles with references from other families. This website allows you to save time and money.

Webs to sell all those things that you no longer use

To not throw anything away and give a second chance to many objects

- Wallapop. Ideal for families with children, which due to growth, leave many things practically new. Thanks to this website, families can recover part of the investment made in clothing, accessories, toys ... in the second-hand market. It is also distributed by geographic zones.

- Milanuncios. Bulletin board classified to sell and buy. You will easily find what you are looking for through an agile distribution by sections: motor, image and sound, games, fashion and accessories, pets, sports and nautical, computers, pets ...

Webs for family meals

Do you want to go to a restaurant and save or prefer to order food?

- Groupon. Offer discount coupons to redeem at restaurants. These coupons are available for a certain time and only a certain amount is sold.The offers are always changing and they always have new discounts to eat in different places in different cities. Once you buy the coupon you will have up to 6 to 12 months to redeem it.

- The red fridge. If what you prefer is to bring food home, this app is the fastest way to order food from anywhere for a very affordable price. Here you will find the largest offer of food restaurants at home.

Webs for family trips

To travel without spending much

- SkyScanner. Perfect for finding flights. Since it can be used without difficulty from a mobile phone, your searches are fast and simple. With it you are guaranteed to find the cheapest companies to travel to your destination, as well as the best time to do so.

- Airbnb It is an excellent alternative to hotels and classic hostels for families. Anyone can announce the rental of their house or one of their rooms. Excellent option for families who move with a limited budget and want to meet people. In addition, one of the best options offered is the services where you can find rooms or private homes in different cities.

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