7 perfect foods to fight the cold

In winter, with the arrival of cold, it is advisable to adapt our food and, above all, that of children, to low temperatures. Some foods have the capacity to raise body temperature and others are excellent for increasing defenses and avoiding classic colds. Discover the 7 perfect foods to fight the cold.

And it is that in winter the temperatures drop definitively and the hours of light diminish considerably, as it dawns later and dusk earlier. Therefore, when the cold begins to be felt and winter clothing is necessary, there are other allies that can help fight it.

7 healthy foods to fight the cold

Food plays a very important role in keeping us healthy during the winter season. Here you have a sample of the best foods to increase our body temperature and protect us from classic colds:

1. Soups and broths: The best way to make a delicious soup is to cook it at home with chicken, vegetables or fish. They are perfect to warm up because they are hot and also favor hydration. Also, the broths provide a large amount of nutrients and, those that incorporate chicken, have anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Infusions: tea and herbal infusions favor digestion, are antioxidants and provide nutrients to the body. They tend to be hot, so they are great for increasing body temperature. In addition, the infusions serve to alleviate different effects caused by cold such as sore throat.

3. Legumes: Spain has always been a country in which spoon dishes prevailed in the winter months compared to other elaborations. This is the reason why chickpeas (the famous stew), lentils or beans are very common from the moment when temperatures drop. Legumes are healthy foods, should be part of a balanced diet and provide minerals, proteins and different vitamins. To this is added that they are low in fat and rich in fiber.

4. Ginger and garlic: sure you never imagined that these two products would be useful in the winter, but the truth is that both will help you to combat the low temperatures. On the one hand, with ginger you will not suffer a sore throat or a cold during these months due to its expectorant properties; On the other, garlic acts as a natural antibiotic to contain allicin.

5. Fish: lHealthy fats, especially Omega3, help fight the cold. This type of fats are in blue fish (sardines, salmon and tuna, among others), but also in other healthy foods that provide energy such as chia or soy oil.

6. Fruit: Vitamin C, present in oranges and kiwi, protects the body from classic winter infections such as colds. These two healthy foods, which should be part of a balanced diet, are also a source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is fruit and seasonal fruits, so you can buy them easily.

8. Pasta, rice and whole grain bread: lThe carbohydrates present in the whole grain provide enough heat to cope with low temperatures.

You already have the healthy menu that you must incorporate into your balanced diet to face the winter months with guarantees. Do not think about it, bet on these products and enjoy the cold like you have never done before!

Elena Compte

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