Road education test for primary school children

Road safety education is the learning of knowledge, habits and attitudes in relation to the rules, norms and signs that regulate the circulation of vehicles and people along the roads and sidewalks. The road education allows citizens to give an adequate response (safe and fluid), in different traffic situations in which they can be immersed, whether as a pedestrian, passenger or driver.

This road education is especially important for children, and should be taught from the earliest childhood, because it depends on their expertise to avoid accidents, and their survival on many occasions.

Objectives of school education in schools

The objectives of road education in schools are the following:

1. Improves your capacity for voluntary attention and of observation, increasing, in this way, their curiosity and motivation about the things that happen in their environment.
2. Fosters attitudes of citizen awareness.
3. Develop habits aimed at creating the road sense: visual and auditory observation.
4. Learning standards that regulate the social order.
5. Knowledge of the elements of the road environment.

What should a Primary child know about road safety education?

The Primary student will start behaviors at this school stage, generally, as an autonomous pedestrian and, as the level increases, as a bicycle driver. For this reason, the objectives of road education will tend to the child has a greater knowledge of the physical environment, in relation to traffic, and to behave properly as a pedestrian and driver in city or highway, as well as traveler. After eight years, the knowledge of the bicycle and road signs will be emphasized.

You can take this test with your children to find out how far their knowledge of road education reaches and how it will help them learn.

Road Safety Test for primary school children

1. Read the questions and possible answers carefully. Look carefully at the picture of each question.
2. Mark the answers that you think are correct.
3. If you guess more than 8 you are prepared to be a good citizen who respects the rules of the road, for your safety and that of others.

Solutions to the road education test for primary school children

1: B / 2: B / 3: C / 4: B / 5: A / 6: C / 7: A / 8: C / 9: A / 10: B

11: A / 12: C / 13: C / 14: C / 15: B / 16: A / 17: A / 18: B / 19: C

Remember that children who have obtained more than 8 hits in the Road Safety test are prepared to be good citizens, who respect the rules of the road.

Alejandra Márquez

Video: GreenLight - Traffic signs for kids, educational videos to learn road safety

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