Ideas to awaken children's imagination and artistic talent

Does a day at home mean boredom? No, quite the opposite. It is an opportunity to develop the imagination that every child has inside. Cultivating and educating the imagination will help your child prepare to understand abstract concepts, enhance their creativity and, most importantly, enliven the illusion and motivation to learn new things.

Ideas to cultivate the imagination of your children

1. Read stories and stories aloud with illustrations and guess what the characters think.

2. Make your own toys, for example, make puppet dolls, cars with bottles, etc. They can also make something (a spaceship, an amusement park) with materials, utensils or toys.

3. Provide old costumes or fabrics for them to disguise, and then represent different scenes with which to unleash the fantasy.

4. With other children, invent stories, as for example, a doctor's consultation.

5. Make an exhibition of drawings with titles in the pictures and hang them on the wall.

6. Ask them and ask their opinion about things in the home; How can we decorate the house at Christmas? What do you have to do to spend less water? What can we do to not spend so much money?

7. To also develop the imagination, you have to make them think and "imagine" (forgive the redundancy). So, we will ask them from time to time: what would you do if ..: you won the lottery, you were the first person to reach the moon, you were a princess, you were a magician ...?

Praise and value the originality of children

Attitudes of parents such as assessing the unusual or divergent, promoting spontaneity and sense of humor or simply treating the ideas and questions of the child in a respectful manner, greatly encourage the development of imagination and creativity in the little ones.

On the other hand, the mocking or derogatory comments and the conformist pressures of the parents that incite the child to do the same or to behave in the same way just for the sake of paternal comfort, are the main cause of the infantile imagination with which we are all born, it goes off little by little.

How to develop the artistic talent of children

The imagination can be applied to the different talents of the child: the physical, mental, linguistic, mathematical, musical etc ... But the most practical at these ages is to help you enhance your ability with images.

"Visuospatial intelligence consists of the ability to think and perceive the world in images, and to transform themes into images and graphic art," says Pilar Martín Lobo, in her book Smart children. This type of intelligence is found in those people who have a great capacity to think in three dimensions. However, every child has this ability, to a lesser or greater extent.

Therefore, through exercises, games and activities that develop artistic talent, we will help our child perceive external and internal images, recreate them, transform or modify them.

Alejandra Márquez  
Advice: Pilar Sancho, specialist in Emotional Intelligence

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