Video: 6 brothers receive the first girl in the family

The moment in which our children receive their new brothers is magical. When the elderly see the newborn for the first time something very special and emotional happens for all the families. Although we all prepare for months for the arrival of the new member of the family, knowing the baby, touching it and seeing that it is a reality can unleash all kinds of reactions in the older brother, in the small son and in all the mediums.

Finally the girl arrived!

But imagine if in addition all our children were boys -specifically six- and suddenly the girl arrived. This is what has happened to a family in North Carolina. Six brothers, between 2 and 13 years old, were waiting for her, and they gave her the best welcome in the world. The Lair family is made up, in addition to the parents, six children (Jackson, Campbell, Sawyer, Shepherd, Houston and Knox) ​​and, for a few days, the little Ruby Jane.

The reactions of the brothers before the arrival of the girl

The reactions of these children are very diverse. The greatest of all is surprised how small it is, and the smallest gives a kiss that exudes tenderness.

Campbell, who is 10 years old, stops to think about the moment in which her little sister introduces her boyfriend:

"I'm excited that he's here, I'm scared because he's a girl." "I will definitely have to protect her." When she is old enough to have a boyfriend and brings him home she will have to say: "I introduce you to my brothers", "if you want to be with me, you have to get along with them".

Sawyer, 7 years old, fantasizes about becoming a police officer if the little one is lost:

"She's as beautiful as a ruby." "If it's lost, I'm going to become a police officer and I'll bring her back even if it takes a thousand years to do it."

Houston, with 5 years, poses its biggest concern: the pink.

"I'm worried about pink, when she turns 5, 6 or 7, she'll want everything to be pink and there will be pink all over. I do not like pink because it's a girl's color"

Shepherd, of 4, is limited to express how much you want it:

"This is Ruby and I love her." "It's more beautiful than I thought it would be."

Jackson, 13, is surprised:

"She's so small, I never thought babies were that small."

But this is not the first time this family goes viral on the network. The mother, Cher, already collects more than 8 million visits in the video where she finds out that she was finally pregnant with a girl.

As is logical, the family has had to buy a van to go all together and have had to do some remodeling at home, but do not rule out increasing the family.

Sara Pérez

Video: 5 Brothers React To FIRST BABY SISTER

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