Congress of What Really Matters in Seville

About 1,100 young people will gather at the FIBES Exhibition and Congress Palace in Seville on October 23 to hear three stories of entrepreneurship, courage and improvement. The seventh edition of the What Truly Matters Congress (LQDVI) brings together Amuda Goueli, Anne Dauphine Julliand and Antonio Rodríguez "Toñejo".

This year, as a novelty at a national level, the LQDVI Foundation collaborates with the Food Bank of Seville in a large food collection campaign that bears the name "Your kilo also matters", and with the Cruzcampo foundation that adds to this activity the program With the Talent of the South to encourage the creation of opportunities and talent training in Andalusia.

The 3 characters of the LQDVI congress in Seville

- Amuda Goueli. At 9.30. He was born in Nubia, Egypt and when he was 8 he did not see a light bulb for the first time. He is now founding partner and CEO of, one of the top 5 online travel agencies in Spain. Its motto is "Think big" and acts accordingly.

- Anne Cauphine Jullliand. At 11.30 h. She suffered a painful experience with her second daughter, Thaïs, aged 2 years, when she was diagnosed with an incurable disease, with only a short time to live. He shaped his painful experience in a book that has become best seller in France:I will fill your days of life.

- Antonio Rodríguez "Toñejo". This motorcycle rider, who started his career at age 16, suffered an accident that left him in a wheelchair. But his withdrawal from the world of motorcycles was only temporary. He has been the first Spaniard to pilot a formula one of the sea.

The most direct congress

The VII edition of the #LQDVI Congress in Seville is complete, but you can register on the waiting list !!!

Do not forget to take your solidarity weight the day of the congress, since with the campaign "Your help also matters" we want to help all those who need it, and all the kilos that we collect will go to "Food Bank of Seville".

As in all conferences, the presentations can be followed live by streaming through the website and all questions from people who follow it live will be made by journalists to the speakers via twitter using the hashtag #LQDVI in the question.

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