Eat in the office: tupper and healthy diet

Most of the workers eat in the office due to the extension of the working day and to that, in general, it does not compensate to return home due to the long journeys. But eating in the office should not be synonymous with poor diet. Unlike, eat in the tupper office It is an excellent opportunity to take care of ourselves through a healthy diet that we can make ourselves.

The trick is to know how to plan the menus from Monday to Friday, to organize ourselves to cook for the next day after the arrival of work and to select adjusted rations to satiate at work without overeating.

To help you achieve your goal of bringing your own food to the office, Scottex experts have developed a guide that will help you reconcile with your tupper, take care of your diet and eat a healthy diet.

How to reconcile with the tupper in the office

1. Organization and planning.It is very important to spend a few minutes planning a weekly menu from Monday to Friday to avoid leaving anything to improvisation. The planning of the weekly menu helps to take a healthy and healthy diet, since you can cook healthy and organize the ingestion between breakfasts, lunches and dinners. With these simple tricks, you can cook delicious dishes that do not lose when overheated:

- Stews. They are always good and if you heat them for the second time they do not lose flavor, nor all their properties.

- Healthy preserves and garnishes. Vegetables and vegetables that are preserved in can or glass will allow you to create delicious dishes in a very short time.

- Balance between dishes and dessert. Although the fruit or the yogurts are always more advisable, when the first dish has been light you can always compensate it with a dessert that includes carbohydrates.

- Water. To drink is always the most advisable.

2. Always cook a recipe that you like. Include in your weekly menu one of your favorite dishes is highly recommended to start taking good care of you and not throwing in the towel at the first change. Eating tupperware in the office also allows you to innovate by trying new recipes. For this, nothing better than taking a look at this page of easy and healthy recipes for you to enjoy taking care of yourself.

3. Clean your tupper in the office. If we take it dirty home, it is possible that the dirt penetrates the plastic, and can cause infections or even alter the taste of later meals. It is also advisable to dry it well afterwards to avoid humidity.

4. Choose the office tupper well. Not all tuppers are suitable for the mircoondas. The best ones are the crystal ones, but if you are afraid of breaking them, choose the tuppers that carry the symbol of zigzag stripes at their base.

5. Adjusted portions to eat in the office. Each person needs a different amount of food depending on their physical complexion and the activity they perform. However, sometimes, a too large tupper can play a trick on us if we fill it up, because so much food can make us fall into drowsiness at work. So choose the size of your tupper well to tie the rations to the amount of food you need to eat a balanced diet.

Marisol Nuevo Espín
Advice: Experts from Kimberly-Clark and Scottex.

Video: 5 Meal-Prep Recipes

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