What can and can not be done between the ages of 14 and 18

Currently, young people are becoming emancipated later, so they spend more time at home with their parents. However, legislation is turning boys and girls into increasingly "mature" youth. Our Constitution establishes in article 12 that the age of majority reaches 18 years, but after 14 years the law recognizes a capacity to act * restricted * to minors.

What does the law allow between the ages of 14 and 18 and what does it prohibit?

In practice, these children can not be sold tobacco or alcohol, they also have restricted access to nightclubs (except those with * light * sessions) and certain concerts. Neither can they gamble, nor can they get their driver's license to carry a car, a truck or a public vehicle to transport passengers, or wear a piercing without the permission of their parents. In contrast, the law does allow them to get married, have sex, and even make medical decisions, such as deciding if they want to undergo surgery, although with limitations.

Permits granted by law to mature minors

According to the latest legislative changes, these rights and restrictions that adolescents have:

1. At 12 years old. Before reaching age 14, that is, at age 12, children can already be heard in a divorce trial.

2. At 14 years old, According to the Data Protection Act of 1999, they can be witnesses in a trial, they can upload their photos to social networks and give permission for someone else to use their data. Also, the law recognizes them the right to make a will. And according to Royal Decree 137/1993, these minors can also shoot a large game shotgun, always in the case that they are accompanied by an adult who has a gun license. In addition, if these adolescents commit a crime, they can be held criminally responsible.

3. At 15 years old You can get your motorcycle license for motorcycles up to 50 cc.

4. At 16 years old. The recent Law of Voluntary Jurisdiction raises the minimum age to marry from 14 to 16 years. And it eliminates the possibility that a judge can allow marriage below that age.

Therefore, at age 16 it is already possible to get married, and consequently have sex, emancipate and even work. With regard to this last point, Article 6 of the Workers' Statute allows minors over 16 years of age to work, provided they do not do hard work, or on night shift. They can not do overtime either.

They can also wear a piercing or get a tattoo with parental consent, or refuse surgery, as long as it does not involve a vital risk. Finally, those under 16 and 17 need parental consent to abort and, in case of conflict, a judge resolves.

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