Parents and schools unite in defense of the concerted school

The Concerted Platform, formed by the highest representatives of Catholic Schools (FERE-CECA EyG), Spanish Confederation of Education Centers (CECE), Catholic Confederation of Parents of Students (CONCAPA) and Confederation of Families and Parents of Students (COFAPA) has presented a campaign to publicize the reality of the concert centers that not only guarantee the free choice of educational model but also represent an important saving for the public treasury.

With the use of visual impact and social networks as allies, the associations of parents CONCAPA and COFAPA, and the employers of teaching centers CECE and Catholic Schools, have presented in society a campaign that, for months, is in circulation in the social networks.

With, the main actors in the education of the children want to put in value in the society the benefit that the concerted school supposes.

The need for the concerted school

The objective is to highlight that the concerted school not only provides an efficient service to society but also guarantees a plurality that is a reflection of what exists in each family. That is why the campaign has as its motto "Nobody educates equal to their children". The concerted school allows each parent to choose what type of education they prefer for their children's education. In the words of Begoña Ladrón de Guevara, president of Cofapa, "each family is different, each child is different, that plurality is represented in families, we want it to be respected in the educational system".

The data is eloquent. While a child in public school - which, as Ladrón de Guevara reminded us, is free but not free - supposes a cost of about 6,000 euros, one in the concerted school is half. From Catholic Schools, José María Alvira referred to the figures of children welcomed by the concerted school, which accounts for more than 25% of the total posts.

The president of CECE and regular contributor to Thisfamilywelove, Alfonso Aguiló, placed the debate in its rightful place since it is not a matter of the concerted and the public facing each other, but rather being complementary. "We are an efficient model that saves a lot of money and that allows public education to be very well attended, we do not see ourselves as a competition but as complementary networks," he said at the presentation.

The concerted centers, a model that is demanded

The importance of the concerted school lies, as Luis Carbonel, president of Concapa, explained, in that it responds to the right of parents to choose the education that best fits their criteria. "Our main right and duty is to educate our children, but this requires freedom and plurality so that we can go in harmony with the centers."

Parents and schools agreed that if the agreed school exists because it is demanded, and that the best possible measure of its effectiveness is that, year after year, thousands of parents remain on the waiting lists due to lack of sufficient places to access to this education.

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