The WHO proposes to ban smoking in cars and homes with children

Tobacco is bad and the experts do not get tired of repeating it. In this scenario, if there is someone who really harms the smoke from cigarettes that is the child who receives it. For this reason, the WHO has proposed to the Member States of the European Union that a roadmap be created to reduce smoking, among those proposed by the WHO.a ban on smoking in cars and in homes where there are children.

The European regional office of the World Health Organization (WHO) proposes, in this way, to promote laws for protect children from tobacco smoke both at school and in their homes and inside cars, as he said at a meeting held by this UN agency in Vilnius (Lithuania).

Thinking in the future

The approach of this road map has a very clear objective: that the children of the future generations perceive tobacco as something of the past. "The generation that is growing now can not understand that people smoke in planes, buses, restaurants or offices." The achievements of the past 20 years show that the dream of a Europe in which the fight against tobacco succeed is not something unreal", has defended Zsuzsanna Jakab, regional director of WHO in Europe.

In this way, between the actions for "de-normalize" the consumption of tobacco WHO proposes smoke-free legislation that focuses on the areas in which children are present, expressly citing schools, homes and, also, cars.

Passive smoking

Another measure is part of the alert aboutrisks posed by passive smoking, especially for those minors who suffer inside the cars or their homes, a warning repeated on other occasions by organizations and experts who ensure the health of children.

The roadmap also proposes the prohibition of any type of advertising, promotion or sponsorship of tobacco companies in the entertainment or media industry and improve the training of health professionals as well as Support for families to take measures to reduce tobacco consumption.

In this regard, the organization has set an example to Scotland, which has set itself the objective of create a generation of young people who do not want to smoke and for this they are taking measures to try to ensure that parents guarantee smoke-free homes.

In addition, it proposes the collaboration of all countries since, according to the WHO, no government can succeed on its own in the tobacco ban, although it has celebrated that there are countries that have set themselves the goal of ending smoking in their population, citing the cases of Ireland (2025) , Scotland (2034) or Finland (2040).

Consequences of smoke exposure in children

- Syndrome of sudden infant death

- Ear infections

- Asthma infections

- Respiratory infections

- Mucous membrane irritations

- Greater number of hospital admissions

- Truancy

Angela R. Bonachera

Video: Florida bill would ban smoking in cars with kids

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