Plans to say goodbye to the summer with children and family

On September 23, at 10 am and 21 minutes on the Iberian Peninsula, Spain will welcome the autumn, according to the calculations of the National Astronomical Observatory. The arrival of this season of the year means, by pure logic, the farewell of summer. Do you fancy a family plan to say goodbye?

If any change of season is significant, more is the transition from summer to autumn: holidays end "real" and you have to put your batteries with studies, homework and, in short, the daily routine of the school year.

Although this routine and the order in the schedules are very necessary, it does not mean that the children can be saddened by the end of the rest days. Luckily weekends and bridges continue to provide us opportunities to make trips that break with the routine. Any excuse is good for a special plan, and what better than the summer farewell.

Six ideas to say goodbye to summer in family

A visit to a planetarium

There are many cities in Spain where there are planetaries to learn astronomy, How about a visit to one of them to know the stars? In addition, coinciding with the change of season, they will be able to know much more deeply why autumn arrives precisely at 10 o'clock in the morning on September 23.

Go to a botanical garden

One of the plans that we recommend to receive the Spring was precisely to go to a botanical garden, but the truth is that with the arrival of theautumn these places have a special atmosphere that makes them magical. The leaves begin to fall creating paths that are worth walking. In addition, it is still not very cold and it is a good time to enjoy nature without oppressive heat.

Visit a vineyard field

September is the month of the vintage another indicator that summer ends and autumn begins. Organizing a field trip to a vineyard is another great plan for these dates: you can go through the fields and enter the cellars to know on the ground the whole process that follows the harvesting of the grape. Interesting!

A picnic

Take advantage of the last days of heat, but without it being overwhelming, is another ideal plan for these days. A picnic in a park or even in the middle of the countryside will allow you to enjoy nature at a much more pleasant temperature than the one of midsummer, and it will be a goodbye (and welcome) of two beautiful times of the year.

An amusement park

The amusement parks are still open and are an ideal place to have a great time, both the little ones and the older ones of the house. In addition, as the influx of people dwindles, in some you will find interesting offers to save on entry or in what is consumed inside.A great plan to spend adrenaline!

Go to the beach

The beaches of all Spain begin to empty and to become perfect spaces for walks and relaxation. Just put on a jacket to protect yourself from the sea breeze and walk leisurely through the almost deserted sand. A sunset at this time is something magical!

Angela R. Bonachera

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