Educate together: the main lines of Family Education

The way to educate children It is one of the most common friction points for marriages. It is essential for parents who can reach agreements and show unity of thoughts and actions before their children. The importance of parents agreeing the main lines of Education It is essential to achieve stability in the family.

Benefits of the agreement in the main lines of Education

Father and mother usually have at first some common considerations about the education of children. However, when you go down to the detail, there may be divergences in the way of posing certain situations. Not in vain, each one comes from his own family and, therefore, from his own educational system, from his own teaching model.

This reality can be very beneficial, because it allows the marriage to address the most complex issues in education from different angles, with perspectives that had not been raised at first. However, there are also some risks that must be avoided.

It does not mean that parents have to necessarily agree on everything in the education of their children, but they have to show that agreement before the children, even if it has been reaped in a discussion and one of the parties does not have full conviction about the decision adopted. Discussions in educational matters should always be kept behind the children's backs. Otherwise, we can cause unwanted effects.

Problems derived from the lack of agreement between parents

The biggest problem is that children, and even more so adolescents, know how to take advantage of situations of disunity of parents to take an advantageous position and opt for the possibility most favorable to their interests. From that moment on, they will try to make the disunion favor them in other circumstances.

Derived from this problem, there is the loss of authority. If the children verify that the parents argue among themselves, they make a later reading by which they interpret that the authority can be put into question. This circumstance is very dangerous because it is extrapolated to the rest of the fields.

Undoubtedly, there will be a lack of clear rules to follow in the children. The most frequent in those houses where the norms are not clearly defined is that the children end up creating their own at the expense of the parents.

These elements to take into account are not only valid for marriages but also for parents who live apart. It is essential that children continue to perceive that, although in certain aspects their parents do not understand each other well, in education they continue to act in unison.

Alicia Gadea

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