The bathroom routine in children: an opportunity to educate in values

It seems a trifle, but while children are taught to acquire autonomous behavior in the bathroom, they are being helped with self-sufficiency, self-esteem or patience.

Many parents accompany their children in the bathroom because this attitude is frequent in the early stages of diaper withdrawal. Children must be taught how to properly use the potty and it is important to reinforce their positive attitudes to generate a habit of behavior. However, once that first stage in the evolution of toilet training has been overcome, basic needs become a real opportunity to provide children with greater autonomy.

How to take advantage of the bathroom routine to work autonomy

If a child about three or four years old asks to go to the bathroom and his mother accompanies him, he sits on the edge of the bathtub, reads a story, then takes care of cleaning and helping him to put on his clothes and pick him up in arms to wash your hands, you will have achieved maximum hygiene but the least degree of independence possible. The only thing the child has done on his own is to warn that he needed to go to the bathroom. Actions as everyday as this offer parents the opportunity to educate in other much more complex areas and foster the child's self-esteem along with their self-sufficiency.

If the parents sit with him, he will associate going to the bathroom with receiving attention to the point that he can use it as a claim even when he has no need. In addition, a certain degree of insecurity is being transmitted to him since he receives the idea that he can not manage this situation alone. This clashes with the nursery or school, where obviously does not have this type of assistance.

Obviously, parents act with their best will and only try to ensure that children do not get bored while they are in the bathroom. However, it is not bad for them to acquire the ability to have a bit of boredom. On the contrary, having to spend a few minutes alone, with no more entertainment than looking at the opposite wall, perhaps developing your imagination, in any case thinking on your own and, above all, waiting, allows you to increase your capacity to be patient.

Prevent the bath routine from attracting your attention

In addition, going to the bathroom is an everyday action that, except in the first moments without a diaper, should not get a constant recognition, the applause of the parents. Otherwise, there is a risk that children will seek permanent calls for attention in all their actions, from finishing the meal to finishing a school record. Children have to understand that the vast majority of their actions do not report a change in attitude in the elderly.

Finally, there is the question of autonomy or self-sufficiency. It is not easy for any child to properly put on their underwear without getting stuck in their pants, especially if you also have to fasten a button. When you then have to climb up on a stool to reach the soap and tap, things get complicated and, possibly, you will wash your hands worse than expected while the bath will be soaked. However, letting them do these tasks alone even if they reiterate effort and the result is not perfect is essential to promote not only their independence but above all their self-esteem. They get to do tasks that can not be carried out by younger children.

Alicia Gadea

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