Does your baby sweat a lot? What you need to know about it

Babies, those beings so small but so delicate and, sometimes, complicated. It is very normal for fathers and mothers to have doubts since before they even are born: will this be good for him? And this other, will it be normal? This is the case, for example, With the sweating of babies, what happens if they doubt a lot?

The sweat

The sweat is the one of the ways that our body uses to regulate the temperature, especially when it is hot or the body is doing a high physical activity, a supposed the latter quite unlikely in a baby. In them it is frequent to find that your head, forehead, thorax or back are wet, something that occurs because babies, until 18 or 20 months, have The system that regulates the temperature of the body without maturing: this causes them to cool quickly or sweat too much, for example.

What if he sweats a lot?

In a question about the excessive sweating of the babies raised in the page of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP), the experts assured that Sweating is normal and that, just as there are people who sweat more than others, this also happens in babies.

Now, they also advise something very basic for when we see that our baby is sweating excessively: check if you are too warm. Maybe the answer is to take a few layers without fear that they catch cold but taking care not to cool the sweat already produced.

Consult the pediatrician when the child is sweating

In this regard, pediatricians recommend consult with the pediatrician if we see that the sweating is very excessive or if it is striking (for example, if the baby sweats a lot the sheets) or his sweats exclusively at a certain time of the day, such as while sleeping.

"Almost always the excess of sweat is due to the normal variability in people"In this regard, pediatricians reassure us that there are some illnesses "associated with increased sweating", but that it is "very rare that they only suffer from isolated sweating". That is, if there were any disease, they would also appear other symptoms

Hydration of babies

An important issue to keep in mind is that, for whatever reason, if the baby is sweating is losing fluids and, therefore, you must replace them to be well hydrated. Infant hydration is essential because dehydration can cause serious problems in babies.

To avoid such dehydration it is important that the baby drinks a lot of liquid. In this sense, in the case of babies under six months it would be best to ask the pediatrician if you can give water in addition to milk. In the case of those who already have half a year, you can supplement their diet with a little water (half a glass per day until you take solid food).

Angela R. Bonachera

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