The purchase in the supermarket, an opportunity to learn

The moment of ir to the supermarket to make the purchase It can be difficult for families: children sometimes get bored in food aisles and get nervous. What to do? The solution does not have to happen to leave them at home: In the supermarket you can also learn a lot and children can have fun.

The Supersana Troop of the Spanish Pediatric Association assure that trips to the supermarket can be a good time for children to learn new lessons about food. Of course, we all know that sometimes it is difficult to "contain" children, so you have to have a lot of patience!

These are the clues for "develop the super power of food " advised by the Supersana Troop and Dr. José Manuel Moreno, coordinator of the Nutrition Committee of the association, to carry out while making the purchase at the supermarket, what do you think?

Ideas to learn in the supermarket

- Involve. According to this expert, involving children in the purchase process allows them to know the diversity of foods that exist: if the fruit or vegetables are seasonal; what type of fish they are going to eat, what part of the animal is the piece that we are buying or what food properties they have, for example, lentils (a lot of iron) or oranges (rich in vitamin C).

- Reminders. Going through the corridors makes it easier for us to remind our children which foods are the most convenient at the moment and which ones can hurt you the most "In summer, for example, it is a good time for the child to know that drinking water and / or eating fruit are recommended options to combat the heat since it helps to hydrate," explains the expert, who adds that in winter the food of spoon, oranges or honey are ideal to strengthen the immune system.

- Labeling. Taking the products from the shelf is a good opportunity for you to learn to interpret the labeling, "that will allow you to choose the best foods in the future ", says the pediatrician, who explains that the child could start by knowing the expiration date and basic ingredients, which is essential in the event that he has any allergies. In addition, since last year the information on food is clearer, as the new legislation has forced brands to make changes in the way they report their products: the largest letter, reveal the type of oil used or eliminate technicalities to use the common name.

- Menu. The time of purchase is the time when the menu is designed in a healthy way. You can share with him by allowing him, with your help, Choose some food. In this way, he will put into practice what he has learned and become more interested in food. In addition, you can see how it is cooked and participate in its development, which will strengthen your self-esteem and help you to know the culinary process.

- Origin. Another aspect to keep in mind so that they understand the food process is to know where they come from. With vegetables and fruit we will not have any problems. But in the case of animals, we must take into account the age of the child. If the youngest relate the origin of what they eat, for example, a steak, with a baby or a chick, they can develop aversion to certain dishes. To avoid this, better be careful in this matter and focus on the products of the earth until the child understands how nature works.

- Price. We can take the opportunity to that knows the price of the foods and thus to realize in a future an intelligent purchase. Playing with him with fictitious budgets can help you learn to prioritize between the important and, if necessary, the whims. Although surely, his first reaction was to spend the entire budget on pastries and ice cream and leave (if you leave) something for priority foods.

- Name (s. For the little ones, a good way to start to know the names of the food and, in addition, to receive healthy messages, are toys with forms of food. "There are studies that show a relationship between the variety in the adult's diet and having played as a child with pieces that represent fruits, vegetables," he says.

Angela R. Bonachera

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