How to guide our teenage children in style

Adolescence is the moment in which our children define their own style of dress and want to follow fashion. They feel that their clothing defines certain features of their personality, but also on this occasion we parents can guide them without feeling that they lose their ability to choose.

Fashion style and trends in adolescence

When adolescence arrives, children often begin to define their style little by little in the dress, hairstyle or music they hear. At that time, the generational clash becomes evident since the tastes of the younger ones do not have to coincide with those of their parents. The question then arises of whether to leave them completely free, to pose a battle every time something goes beyond the limit or to manage little by little that difficult balance between tastes when it comes to clothing in adolescents.

For starting to work style we must bear in mind that the task begins in childhood. Even though in adolescence there is an important degree of rebellion, some ideas will have penetrated deep from years ago. Thus, for example, color combinations are usually learned soon.

How to awaken good taste in dress among teenagers

Another key element for parents It is very important to know how to dress according to each occasion, that is, not going to class equal to friends or grandmother's house to eat that to play tennis. For that, the learning task begins very soon and demands a constant example from the parents. If that criterion of opportunity is achieved, much progress will have been made, since what usually bothers parents is not so much how their children dress but that they dress inappropriately in certain circumstances.

Regardingchoice of garments, a good way to participate in the decisions of the children -particularly in the case of the girls- is to share time with them by looking at fashion magazines, going out of stores ... This allows us to know the taste of young people and value, within styles with which they feel comfortable, those that we like more or we seem more suitable for them.

Going out with them to buy with the agreement that they choose between some items previously selected by parents is another way to go teaching style tricks without losing their ability to decide.

Alicia Gadea

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