Five films to teach respect to others to children

In the world there are many people and twe are different, although some differences are seen more than others. Therefore, it is essential that we educate our children (who will be the adults and parents of tomorrow) in respect for diversity, to those who for one reason or another without different. With this objective, we present you with five films that can help you in the task.

Because on several occasions we have talked about the importance of cinema as a driving medium and transmitter of ideas, and how it can help us teach certain important values ​​to our children. From friendship to the importance of peace, through respect for animals or solidarity, and also, respect for others.

We have selected only five movies that can help you to work with children respect towards others, be as they are, but surely there are many more. What do you think of these? Have you seen them? We invite you to do it!

Movies for children about respect


It could be said that, in terms of age, there is little more different than an older man and a small child ... or not? In this film children can reflect on respect for others and how we are not always as different as it seems ... friendship can appear anywhere!

Gru, my favorite villain

Another film to realize that appearances are deceiving, and that we can find great people hidden behind a mask of evil or coldness. Therefore, it is essential to respect each other and try to get to know each other.

Eduardo scissors

Now a film classic, this film will teach children a very clear message of the need to respect others, however different they may be * as is the case with the protagonist of this story, who has scissors instead of hands , but that does not stop me from having a big heart.

American History X

This is not a movie for children, but for teenagers (from 13 years old). It is a hard film but it will surely mark a before and after in the adolescent of your home, who will learn how hatred can blind us but there is the opportunity to change and respect others.


François is a young teacher of French language in a troubled school, located in a marginal neighborhood. His students are between 14 and 15 years old, and he does not hesitate to confront them in stimulating verbal battles; but learning democracy can involve real risks. At the beginning of the course, the teachers, full of good intentions, eager to give the best education to their students, arm themselves against discouragement.

But the abysmal difference of culture and attitude clash violently in the classrooms, which are nothing more than a microcosm of contemporary France. As funny as students sometimes are, their behaviors can nip a teacher's enthusiasm in the bud. François's tremendous frankness surprises his students, but his strict sense of ethics falters when young people begin not to accept his methods.

Angela R. Bonachera

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