First European Week of Sport

According to data collected by the European Commission, 59 percent of Europeans acknowledge not playing any sport or do it rarely and up to 37 percent regret spending a large part of the day, specifically more than 5.5 hours, seated for work reasons.

But what are the most common excuses for not moving? First, the lack of time for 42 percent of the respondents, secondly the lack of motivation that recognizes 20 percent, Disability is the third reason for 13 percent and the economic cost for the remaining 10 percent.

However, most Europeans are aware of the value of sport and the role it plays in issues such as health, values ​​or even economic growth: 7.38 million Europeans work with something related to sport, which represents 3.5% of the labor market, an activity that moves up to 294,000 million euros in Europe.

The first European Sports Week

To motivate Europeans in sports practice the 1st European Sports Week is born. For the first time, this event will be held from September 7 to 13 and it will be perpetuated with an annual appointment in the European calendar. This year's main objectives will be to promote sport and physical activity as a fundamental element for the well-being of citizens, strengthen messages of tolerance and respect, highlight the role of sport as an element of social inclusion and also raise awareness of the economic costs arising in health expenses due to the absence of physical activity.

Sport is health, but also an opportunity to promote tolerance, respect and social inclusion. To make Europeans aware of the importance of practicing some physical activity, the European Commission launches the first European Sports Week, a proposal of the European Parliament launched in 2012 by MEP Santiago Fisas (PPE), author of the report, which will materialize for the first time this year, from September 7 to 13 with activities in many European cities. In Madrid, the kick-off will be given on Monday 7 in the Plaza de Colón, at 20.30.

Spanish ambassadors for the European Sports Week

Is first edition of the European Sport Week will have this year as official Spanish Ambassadors to the Olympic champions Carolina Marín (badminton), Javier Fernández (skating) and Joel González (takwondo), among other outstanding figures. The improvised "stage" in Plaza de Colón will also be attended throughout the week by representatives of the Spanish Sports Federations, numerous clubs and high level athletes, led by the World champion and double Olympic medalist Mireia Belmonte, the world champion waterpolista and Olympic silver Jennifer Pareja or Ona Carbonell, also double Olympic medalist.

The main motto of the campaign will be #BeActive ("be active") and during the first day citizens can enjoy the presence of several Spanish athletes with whom they can share their experiences practicing a large repertoire of different disciplines such as badminton, basketball, handball, climbing, fencing, indoor football, gymnastics, golf, weightlifting , karate, judo, paddle, skating, table tennis and taekwondo.

In addition, in the space of Plaza de Colón, the children will have a special place throughout the week to participate in different leisure and sports attractions, including a cinema screen where films and documentaries related to sport will be screened.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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