These are the main concerns of parents

Be dad it means many changes in a person's life. One of them is the multiplication of concerns: It is likely that if a parent (or a mother) thinks about everything that has to do with their child and concerns them, the list becomes almost endless. But, What are the main concerns of parents?

Of all the headaches, there are some that usually stand out above the rest: those that have to do with the health of the children. Nobody wants their little one to suffer from some kind of disorder, or to be sad, or to get sick. In this sense, a survey wanted to know what are the main concerns of the parents of the United States, and the results may sound familiar in Spain.

Parents' concerns

According to an annual survey carried out by Mott Children's Hospital, the three main concerns of parents about the health of their children are obesity (60 percent), Bullying (58 percent) and el drug abuse (53 percent). Perhaps these data are not particularly striking, but others are from the same survey: the incredible Increase in parents' concern for social networks and the danger of activities such as 'sexting'.

The risks of social networks

To observe this increase, the researchers mention that the 'sexting' last year was the number 13 concern, while in 2015 it rose to sixth place. That is to say, parents increasingly seem to be more aware of the dangers of social networks and the consequences of certain actions in these media.

In fact, they explain, for years (this is the ninth edition of the survey) the tobacco it remained one of the main concerns of the parents. Year after year, the cigarettes seemed to be what most worried the parents, who saw how their children began each time before in an unhealthy activity. However, in 2015 the concern for sexting seems almost to have made forget this danger, because it appears in much lower positions.

In this sense, from the hospital it has been highlighted as especially striking that while for the general public the media environment is beneficial, every time more people recognize the risks of smartphones and technologies, especially for young people, who become more vulnerable.

In this sense, urge to reorient social policies Towards those areas of special concern for parents: we have seen how there is a decrease in the consumption of junk food in the North American country, so probably with well-directed policies are achieved lessen the many dangers of social networks At the same time, its advantages and benefits are enhanced on a day-to-day basis.

Angela R. Bonachera

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