Back to school, the best time to start healthy habits in children

The back to school and also the start in this daily routine for many children. Although the changes can cause anxiety and even problems of adaptation, from this month the "tranquility" that a routine with fixed hours in the lives of children and families. Yes, this month will be full of expenses, but it is also a great opportunity to incorporate healthy habits in children. We tell you how.

The Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP) has taken advantage of the start of the classes to remind all parents that this It is a very appropriate time to start with healthy habits, and insists that a healthy lifestyle contributes to good health during adulthood.

With this goal, these pediatricians make a series ofRecommendations on food, exercise and prevention to face the next course. We tell you all.

The importance of breakfast

Breakfast is essential in a healthy diet, but more for children. As the pediatricians remember, it is the most important meal of the day: "besides improving the performance in school, it helps to maintain an adequate weight", they explain.

In this sense, the coordinator of the Nutrition Committee of the association, José Manuel Moreno, explains how the ideal breakfast should be: "should provide the child between 20 and 35% of the daily energy intake, and must be composed of milk or dairy products; cereals and fresh fruit or natural juice to provide energy, proteins and vitamins to the child. "In addition, pediatricians remember that it should be taken without haste and without stress" because eating relaxed helps to have a better digestion of food"and, whenever possible, as a family.

Also within the section on food is the school canteen. Beyond the pros and cons of using this service, pediatricians ask parents if their children go to the dining room, Take into account the menus to make the dinners. In this way, they will ensure that the child follows a varied and balanced diet.

On this diet, of course, you can not miss the fruit and vegetables, but better that it's seasonal: besides being tastier, they contribute to having a diverse menu and to children learn to eat all kinds of foods. At this point, this expert emphasizes the relevance of Reduce the consumption of salt "to three grams a day in children under seven, four grams a day between seven and 10 years and five grams / day for adults."

Sports extracurricular activities

With the return to school comes the search for extracurricular activities. Why choose? There are hundreds of options! Also on this has a clear recommendation the AEP: the sport. Gerardo Rodríguez, coordinator of the physical activity committee of the association, recommends that at least one of the activities to which children are enrolled be sporty, Children of this age must do "at least one hour a day of moderate-intense physical activity".

The realization of this activity It can help the child to prevent obesity, as well as improve their school performance and their mood. For the realization of the sport, this expert also remembers the importance of an adequate clothing, especially in regard to the footwear and safety elements, however much the children complain that they are uncomfortable.

In the face of the new course, in addition to targeting children to sports extracurricular activities, another way to encourage a continuous physical activity is to opt for walk to the sites. Therefore, this expert invites to walk in the field of "assumable" routes, and sets an example that, in some cases, this path may be to go and return from school or shopping.

Prevention of infections

A very typical situation when children start daycare is to catch a cold: it is completely normal because suddenly your body faces many unknown viruses. On this, the pediatricians explain that since the closed spaces (as they are the classrooms of the schools) facilitate the spread of diseases that are transmitted by contact or respiratory tract, You have to be warned.

This prevention goes through the revision of vaccination calendar and, if necessary, update it. In this way ewe will vouch for the diseases that can be prevented with vaccination, as explained by David Moreno, coordinator of the Vaccine Advisory Committee. For those pathologies that do not have a vaccine, this expert emphasizes the importance of hygienic measures, such as frequent hand washing, adequate ventilation of closed spaces, or cleaning of common materials in the classroom.

On the other hand, parents of children with chronic diseases are recommended as asthma, diabetes, celiac disease or who suffer from allergies u other relevant health problems that, in some way, could be affected, inform teachers and / or the direction of the situation, as well as the guidelines that teachers must follow in cases of crisis.

You can also prevent the dreaded back pains caused by the weight of the backpack. On this, the pediatricians are clear: the backpack must never exceed 10 or 15 percent of the child's weight. Therefore, they recommend the carts or the backpacks of wide and padded straps.

To conclude, pediatricians insist on the importance of sleepSchoolchildren should sleep between nine and 11 hours, since proper sleep hygiene "promotes learning, assimilation of experiences and growth," they conclude.

Angela R. Bonachera

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